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The disguise was working well, UNTIL... Royal Courts of Justice Aug 6, 2015

Ricky Dearman is Cracking Up: It’s Official - by drifloud

Failed actor, Ricky Dearman, showed the world on Thursday 6th August, the face he was so desperate to conceal: that of the vicious, unpredictable and completely insane child rapist, torturer and murderer he truly is. 

When one of the supporters of the child hostages recognised Dearman, who had sneaked into the court heavily made up to disguise his appearance, the mentally unbalanced pervert threateningly snarled at the mild-mannered supporter: 

“You’re going to have to do a lot more than just stare”. 

Taken aback, the supporter politely responded “I beg your pardon?” 

But the politeness of the reply appeared to anger Dearman more, who then repeated his threat, aggressively accusing the supporter of “pointing” at him. 

Clearly seeing that the deranged Dearman was trying to intimidate him, this courageous soul astutely realised some TRUTH therapy might help: 

“You’re a child abuser,” the children’s supporter told Dearman. 

A nearby court official, shocked to hear THE TRUTH being spoken in court - a known child abuser ACTUALLY BEING CALLED a child abuser - desperately tried to hush things up: 

“Please don’t make allegations like that in public” she said, trying to smartly transpose “tell the truth” to “make allegations”. 

But our hero immediately noticed that attempt to obscure the truth, and unhesitatingly re-established FACT with: 
“Well, it’s TRUE”

... and of course, there was no answer to that. 

Dearman could only attempt a “menacing” scowl, hopeless Ham that he is, and continued to try to conceal his identity from the rest of the public. 

Alas, too late: Dearman the thespian thicko had clumsily created a scene wholly unintended.  His mask had slipped and the public audience were now completely aware of the filthy maniac in their midst. 

Thursday’s performance by the child-raping, child murdering Cult leader, can only add to the anxiousness of The Hampstead Cult, as the filthy activities of these criminals are revealed - a revelation, due in large part to the inept acting of failed thespian and failed human being Ricky Dearman, their Cult boss. 

- from a conscious living being, Drifloud 
  August 8th 2015


Hampstead Cover Up- Exclusive from the RCJ : Is Ricky Dearman A Psychopath ?

Published on Aug 6, 2015

Today 06-08-15 in court at the RCJ, Ella & Abraham’s Legal team withdrew from the proceedings in the now notorious Hampstead Cover Up case.

Judge Pauffley, representing the judiciary, persisted in her lies and fraudulent judgement , which are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain in the face of growing public scrutiny.

The hearing today was not Article 6 compliant, denying Ella’s Article 6 rights to a fair trial, hence the strategic withdrawal. The Judicial attempt to again ride roughshod over E.U. and U.K. laws and guidelines exposes their evil intent .

“Alleged” actor, ritual child sodomite and murderer Ricky Dearman was visibly disturbed by the adroit manoeuvre of Ella’s legal team.

Made up to disguise his identity, due to increasing public anger and awareness of the veracity of the childrens’ testimony, Dearman was unable to maintain his composure, as his anger and frustration at the direction of today’s hearing revealed his true nature, when he aggressively approached and confronted one of the the childrens’ young supporters in an attempt to threaten and intimidate the young man, who fearlessly stood his ground. Dearman had to be restrained by members of his legal team.

Listen to this exclusive recording at today’s care proceedings hearing, and make up your own mind.  Does this sound like the gentle loving father that Dearman pretends to be Dr. Claire Sturge ?  Or is this behaviour typical of a psychopath who would sodomise innocent children (including his own), and ritually sacrifice innocent infants, consuming their flesh and blood ?

Is this why Barnet Local Authority have heavily redacted Tavistock Psychiatrist Dr. Claire Sturge’s Psychiatric assessment of Dearman ?  Why is the Judiciary willing to continue this travesty of justice by covering for someone many now consider to be Saville Mark 2 ?

What next for Alisa and Gabriel, and all innocent victims of this cult ?

YOU decide.


  1. Thank you. Onward Upward Open and Loving

    1. Thank you Jake... Yes !!
      The People are remaining FOCUSSED and are breaking through the ILLUSIONS of the Black Babylonian Magicians !


    3. And returned to you 10-fold my friend.
      Thank you.

    4. @ Jake. I'd be careful of the word "CON-JURE" however :P

      con = against
      jure = is from 'fraudulent'.

      "Jury" also refers to the "jury mast" of a ship. And BINGO !! We're back into Admiralty Law = Commercial Law, UCC - Universal Commercial Code - the 'Law of the Sea' or 'See' that Holy See !!. The 'jury mast' is a replacement mast if ever the main mast ever got broken. This reiterates once again the idea of a mast that is not the authentic "original" mast... and therefore is a "fraud".

      Question: "What IS a 'jury' then?" in a court room situation?
      The answer, which undoes the Babylonian Magic-speak is:
      - A group of Fraudsters making judgement within a Fraudulent process.

      Question: And how can a "group of our peers" be fraudsters ??
      - Because of "Persona Ficta"
      Ref: Pope Innocent IV (Born c.1195 – Died as Pope, Dec 7, 1254)

      Creation of the concept of "persona ficta" - [Pope] Innocent IV is often credited as helping to create the idea of Legal personality, persona ficta as it was originally written, which has led to the idea of corporate personhood.

      Louisiana Law Review. Volume 9 | Number 4. May 1949 (p.438)
      "... the Pope, by suggesting that a college should be imagined as a human individual, recommended a device of legal technique whereby certain practical problems could be solved in a convenient way, namely, the treatment of a corporation as a separate legal entity. While he thus opened the way for the restoration of the distinction between a societas or partnership and a universitas or corporation, which had been familiar to the classic Roman law, but was ignored by those of its medieval commentators whose teachings crystallized in the famous Glossa, he went a step further than the classic Roman law which had not yet known what he invented, namely, the legal personification of corporate entity." - Maximilian Koessler (P.438)

    5. In: The Competitiveness of Nations in a Global Knowledge-Based Economy
      "The Historic Background of Corporate Legal Personality"
      Yale Law Journal, XXXV (6) April 1926, 655-673 (p.664)

      "... the “fiction” theory of the personality of corporate bodies, or "universitates", was promulgated if not originated, by Pope Innocent IV (Pope from 1243-1254). It is hardly a coincidence that Pope Innocent was one of the strongest upholders of the supremacy of the spiritual over the temporal power, and that he was Pope immediately after the time of the greatest political power of the Papal Empire. In outward form the doctrine that corporate bodies are "personae fictae" was directed at ecclesiastic bodies. The doctrine was stated as the reason why an ecclesiatic collegium or universitas, or capitulum could not be excommunicated, or be guilty of a delict. For "nomina sunt juris et non personarum" = they have neither a body nor a will. A chapter was but a name and an incorporeal "res". [in Latin, 'res' = 'matter'/ of the material world].

      "Other canonists declared that corporate bodies could not be punished or excommunicated because they had neither a soul nor a body, and carried their nominalism so far as to say that they had being only "in abstracto", like “man” in respect to men. The doctrine did not imply, however, that excommunication was of no effect; on the contrary, it signified that, in order that a decree of punishment or excommunication should not lack effect, it was to be applied to all, "omnes singulus". Even if Pope Innocent had not included "populus et gens et hujus modi" along with ecclesiastical groups (we cannot call them bodies on his theory), we may be sure that what applied to religious organizations applied a "fortiori" to civil. A chapter or a "populus" regarded as an entity would not suffer especially from excommunication; it was wholly different when the ban fell upon “omnes singulus”. - John Dewey

    6. Therefore Jake: please DO RESEARCH before bandying around the Magic WORD SPELLS of the Black Babylonian Saturnian Magicians in their black robes (which also means 'robs'). You may in fact be ADDING to the egregor* of such words by using them. That is most unwise. Any word with Latin roots is highly suspect. The word CON-JURE is a perfect example of how we can get tripped up. I use Search: 'etymology' + the word, all the time to check words if they're not 'ringing' right. Please refer to these articles below for a bit more about this. Thanks :)

      * egregor - a non-material collective psychic entity or field uniting member of a human group or organisation, generated and maintained by thought energy of the members of the group. Please see:

      Llinks 5-8 below show how the Black Babylonian Magicians create SPELLINGS = ILLUSORY worlds devised against humanity through the music media and through the news media. ANYTHING that is suffixed by the word "media" = Medea (an ancient civilisation) needs to be on your 'watch list'. Medea and Babylon worked together to create the Magic Spells that humanity is currently under.

      The 9th link is about the quantum field, cryptology, our Off-World and Interdimentional Friends who are here to help us, and about Anastasia the Vedrus (a renown Siberian mystic) who shows us the Black Babylonian Priesthood, how to SEE their magic tricks, and how to UNDO these tricks by using "The Science of Imagery".

      Anastasia talks about extensively about "The Science of Imagery" and "Co-creation" in "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" books by Russian author, Vladimir Megre. It's best if ALL PEOPLE who want to come on this journey of AWAKENING with us, and of tearing down the citadels of Babylon, read these books.

      The 10th link is a summary of these histories. "Hidden in plain sight".

      The 11th link is how the *egregor (see definition above) of the Babylonian Black Magicians is perpetuated by so-called "unwitting people" playing out their roles to do with the specific case of the "Hampstead Cover Up" - regarding the Satanic ritual baby sacrifice and Satanic child sodomising cult, 2014 - which was based at Christ Church Primary School, Hampstead, London, England.

      There's a bit to go through. But get to grips with it, you must !!

    7. ... And after going through all that background or at some point along the way of getting to grips with it all, please bring yourselves up to date with the "Hampstead Cover Up" by going to this link. Thanks !!

    8. Oh... And I NEARLY forgot this MOST IMPORTANT insight... Of:

      - How HUMANITY is unveiling the tricks of the Black Babylonian Magicians, right now!
      This was shown to me on 14-7-14.

      For anyone with a little numerology knowledge, you'll see the significance : ) 7-7-7

      By the way... All my personal numerology - birth dates and name - including my Birth name AND my Deed Poll Registered Name that I gave myself in 1988, come to "7 on a 7 on a 7" or 7-7-7.

      I hadn't 'planned' any of this. It just "happened". I AM 7-7-7
      Whenever anything reduces back to 7-7-7 for me, I know it's REALLY IMPORTANT!

      Also, I am Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) with 4 major planets in Capricorn and another planet (Mercury - FAST MESSENGER!) conjunct. So I know VERY WELL the energy of the Black Babylonian Magicians. I was BORN with their Energies, and I KNOW how deep, dark, deceptive, wicked and VIOLENT their energies go. I've had to live under their influence for all of my life... And 'Yes', I do have several novels to write, or maybe just one huge long auto-biography. It's been quite a RIDE !! These are the foundations I stand on.

      And please remember... Just to top it all off...
      The reason why these Magic Tricks actually work is:
      We ARE living in a hologram !!

      Correct !! These studies are NOT for the Faint Hearted or the "boxed in" MIND!!
      Keep going... !!!! :D
      Humanity IS OVER COMING !!

  2. How can a legal team "withdraw" in a court case?. They simply cannot do it. They either represent their clients or they refuse to take on the case. If any lawyers 'withdrew' during a court case it would be enough to have them disbarred from practice.No solicitor would risk their career. They would either go through and do the best for their clients or inform them well beforehand that they were not prepared to act for them so they can appoint other solicitors.
    Any other solicitor present would immediately inform the Law Society as is their duty if they saw other lawyers acting like that.
    So you need to explain that better as it is not possible.

    1. Hi there Anonymous... I'm not a lawyer so I don't know how all this works. What we have above is that Ella Gareeva's legal team called on "Article 6" which seemed to work. The UK is under EU directive in law, as England is a part of the EU, but UK lawyers still behave like there's no-one overseeing them. There is. I guess that's why calling on "Article 6" worked and why the legal team were able to "withdraw" from the case.

    2. Please see the next comment below also.
      Thank you.

  3. Here's what we have from Ella and Abraham themselves.
    These two messages were sent to me in emails this week:

    "I have a burden off my shoulders since we have withdrawn from the case.
    They were sucking energy big time. Now [the energy has] started to flow, so time to regroup and to smash that Babylon."

    "We have received the Pauffley judgement which as expected, has left the children in the care of the "Local Authority" (LA) leaving them with the responsibility of deciding when to allow RD care of them. The LA have said that they shall assess the children for at least a six month period before they consider giving the children to him. They are aware that he's a loose cannon and are reluctant to attract any more negative attention to themselves. The children appear to be reluctant to go to him, so it appears that he doesn't have the carte blanche access he would like. [This] could be part of the reason for his anger and frustration on the 4th (sic) [6th] of August. Their intent is to prevent the children having any contact with Ella. They use her active campaign against them, her "refusal" to engage in their unlawful charade and [her refusal to] accept their fraudulent judgement as the reasons."

    Abraham Christie and Ella Gareeva

    Stated on: Thursday August 13, 2015

  4. Thanks for all the info above here. i just see it a month later coincidentally while linking something. And your reply to anonymous's query as it is of course better 100% to ask if questioning to be clarified than not claim a false response to ones self. Thanks again. Keep asking questions anonymous's and all whom aren't sure. Much love.

    1. Thanks Jake :) I don't pretend to know it all... I know a bit, but certainly not all.


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