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Disinformation Agent "David Divad" guns for Truth Finder BronnyNZ


"David Divad" came gunning for me in February on Facebook when I started blogging about the Hampstead Cover Up.  He was a complete nasty piece of work... A real pain in the arse...  so I blocked him.

He's got people he works with online such as supposed American Yoga guru "Deva Priya" who directed me to a supposed "very important" post on his timeline two days ago.  I later found out that this "Deva Priya" with her attractive profile pic and her long blonde hair has created ALL MANNER of strife in the past with people who are bringing out the Truth of CSA and SRA.

So two days ago, I unwittingly unblocked David Divad.

And what do you know...  He started right on in me again...

But I SAW HIM this time...  For all his antics, the tactics he uses, what he gets up to... and i've easily been able to join the dots together this time.

My personal opinion is that this fictional entity "David Divad" is another altar of that sodomite and cult leader who's name doesn't need repeating...  or somebody who's definitely ROOTING FOR that cult leader.

Whoever he is...  He's now infiltrated the "Hampstead" Fb Secret group...  Have fun with that, CM. You're about to get a great big lesson in making an infiltrator an Administrator on an Fb group.

    It's pretty funny how Dear...  I mean he who calls himself "David Divad" (the old backwards Babylonian Satanist trick - hidden in plain sight)  had a flow chart tucked away in his back pocket to trot out whenever my name gets mentioned.  It's just something "he'd prepared a little earlier" ... yeah... MUCH EARLIER... back in February in fact when I Blocked himbecause of his relentless disparaging of the work on my blog !! 

      I MUST be "Special" since he apparently made this especially to try to bring my good reputation down. Oh well... I know exactly who you are, even if other people can't see you yet. What a little drop-kick... Working for the Dearman Cultists... all the way... all the way home ...  Jiggedy, jiggedy... 

    After he'd posted his graphic to various threads over the last two days, I began to Real Eyes that this is probably the most Creative this fellow is going to get...  So people will see him soon enough.  

    People aren't TOTALLY BLIND...  Are they ??  

    Let's wait and see...  *tinkle tinkle*  

    Ah yes...  there's a few pennies hitting the ground, right now !!  

Here's the flow of the conversation on the Secret Hampstead group. The child rapist Dearman is here operating the sock puppet "David Divad".

  • JB:  Is your contact reliable for that information, David? ... I pray he/she is wrong frown emoticon

  • David Divad Depends. I have a few people in the system I met while networking, but never met them in person, so they could be undercover operatives giving false info. So I am very wary to state anything as fact unless I know with certainty it's fact. I use the info they give me, to gauge their trustworthiness. I can't say for sure just yet if they are reliable. If the above is true, then that's a good pointer and while writing this, I've just been informed Araya has confirmed this fact, saying that they are trying to over turn it with the GJ, or something along those lines!

  • JB:  Just thinking out loud here ... surely, if RD [Ricky Dearman] had custody he would be gloating somewhere. We would have heard? No?
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    How ironic that you're probably talking to him right now JB !!

  • SR:  Thats what Im also wondering. I did receive a message from Hampstead Research on wednesday:

    Dear EverybodySomeone has just sent this through. I've no idea of the details - this is all I was sent,  Jacqui
    "For reasons I don't understand, Ricky Dearman has [been] given an interim supervision order supported by the LB of Barnet ie the judge has amended the ICO already, so what is the point of the hearing starting tomorrow if the ICO was changed this morning? Why not wait until tomorrow to do that? 
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  • Bronwyn Llewellyn So you know Jacqui Farmer can not be trusted.... don't you S, J and J ??
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  • Bronwyn Llewellyn I thought the article was pretty explanatory that A. put up here by drifloud. WHY do you think Dearman is "hissing" ?? Doesn't take a rocket scientist !!

  • Bronwyn Llewellyn The above comment simply creates causes for this exact outcome to occur on Tuesday.  #ScienceOfImagery  #QuantumField

  • The comment referred to was removed in due course by the person who wrote it, so is not repeated here. It was basically repeating the mantra that the sodomist was going to get the children as per "Jacqui Farmer's" comment which is also the commentary the sodomist has been putting out into the world himself.

    That Devil-loving Babylonian Black Magician... We've got you by the toe, right now !!  You've come right into our clutches.  Even Facebook doesn't recognise your Profile !!

    Here's a little backgrounder...

    My Facebook will be closing in 7 days because Facebook wants me to send official ID to prove who I am. I've already confirmed my mobile, now this. I must be doing a good job in my fight against tyranny because I've never had hassle from Facebook before. They want to get me! tongue emoticon

    Anyway, I won't be supplying the evil and corrupt Facebook with my ID, do they think I'm stupid or something? The first thing they would do with it, is hand it to the security services so I can be put on a watch list!

    I'll just come back as another persona! And it's only a flicking website, anyone would think its a high security military base with all its polices and checkups!

    It's shit anyway, hence why I don't have a real profile.

  • David Divad While the case continues, based on evidence already submitted to the courts, there was enough evidence to make a safe judgment that the children would be safe in his care until the case concludes. This is a psychological move to further insert the assumption that he is totally innocent in the eyes of the law to manipulate public opinion! A confirmation bias!

  • David Divad In psychology and cognitive science, confirmation bias (or confirmatory bias) is a tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions, leading to statistical errors.

  • BronnyNZ. Well... That sounds very informed doesn't it ?? Pretty words to lure the people in... Another trick pulled out of the back pocket by the Black Babylonian magician, himself, that old tRickster !!

  • AS: No he will not get the children, one, we gona stop that from happening , two, at present LB, keepin them in care for at least 6 months, to a year, ao he cant get them til then, and we not gona let that happen anyway, he can only have supervised visits at present

  • AS: And the children have made it clear in a report sent to a and e, they are scared of him, and don't wanna be with him... Its now up to us and GJ [Grand Jury] to make things happen x

  • David Divad Playing the Devils advocate, after so much effort has gone in to this coverup, what are the chances a GJ can succeed? It will succeed lawfully, but since when has the system let law stand in its way. However, it doesn't mean it shouldn't go ahead. If it doesn't succeed, it will succeed in highlighting how corrupt the system is, and like they say... Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Good luck GJ smile emoticon

BronnyNZ: And there it goes again...  That old tRickster's Black Art of salting the stew with DOUBT, even BEFORE the Grand Jury gets properly off the ground.  More commentary on this particular passage, a bit further down...  

You can see the game.  
It is very OBVIOUS !!  

  • Bronwyn Llewellyn "Hope" will not do anything to change any situation S... "Hope" just sits there observing... doing nothing !! That's what it's designed to do. "Hope" is a part of the illusion. "Hope" is a magic word that makes sure the slaves are kept in stasis !! As soon as you shift out of "hope" and into action that's when things start getting done. I doubt very much if A is full of "hope". I am certainly not full of "hope". I know that's part of the illusion !! I am full of determination and so I think is A. Create "causes", ie: Cause-Effect. Causes always create outcomes that are full of benefit for all when they are founded in integrity !! That's what I think of "hope" S. It belongs in the trash. It is meaningless and never created anything. We all need to step out of "hope" and into "doing our part.." So this global paradigm continues to collapse in on itself, faster and faster... irrevocably !!


  • David Divad Just an assumption and I know I've posted this before, but worth a consideration. Is she [Bronwye / Bronny], Sound Affects, or working with him / them?

    There he goes again... Sowing those little seeds of doubt. I told you he wasn't very creative !!
    David Divad always tries to bait me by spelling my name wrong... but what David Divad doesn't know is that I have no attachment to my Berth Certificate name. I was never called this name as a child, and as a result, I don't actually relate to it. So try as he might, his constant little barbs never ever got any traction with me !! Oh dear... pity that eh DD ??  I think that must stand for "Double Dunce". Sounds about right !!

  • Bronwyn Llewellyn  S can stay in her illusion if she wants. Jacqui Farmer IS Charlotte IS Hoaxted [as I thought at the time.] If you want to go around with your blinkers well glued on... you simply hinder progress for the children by NOT WAKING THE FUCK UP !! ... and you'll just continue to spread your lame little excuses for that Satanist she-devil !! - and worse still !!  J - You'll go to her every time you've got a question !! Doh !! She's with the cult... or don't you get that yet ?? Please go back to the Primary Source... You very obviously haven't listened to Abe and Ella's interview from last week. How about y'all do that, and then you can discuss this from an informed point of view... Not just carry on these theatrics of the "blind leading the blind". What a stupid waste of all your energies !! unsure emoticon

There was some polite discourse in there somewhere about how I was offending people on the group... Because well...  That IS the English way...  To look at somebody's "nice manners" and even if they're fucking your children up the bum with a broom handle, you'll let them... 

... Because they're so bloody polite !!! 

What a country of NUTTERS !!

  • Bronwyn Llewellyn Of course I get shitty with you lot... You're "meant" to be the "informed ones" ... and here you all are... STILL SNOOZING... and STILL can't work anything out for yourselves. Sheeeesh !! Talk about trying to squeeze blood from a stone... or leading a horse to water to THINK.  No probs... Just go back to sleep ladies. I won't interfere anymore with you muddling around on the "Who's Who" front. Stay muddling. What the hell do I care what you do with your precious time and energy ??  What the hell do I care if you go out into the world (on Fb) and spout disinformation ?? Sheeeesh... !! Wakey Wakey !!

  • Bronwyn Llewellyn Sometimes you need to bitch-slap the sleepers... just for them to partially revive. At least 5 people here are listening... and might even wake up !! Hallelujah for that !! 

  • Bronwyn Llewellyn "Negativity" in my book C is when JB defers to and writes to "Jacqui Farmer" (disinformation agent) directly, and posts the poison of that reply on this group that everyone then runs to and takes as gospel !!  To me... that's just f'd up. And is what kicked this whole episode off.

  • Bronwyn Llewellyn Yes... My bad on the "Jacqui Farmer" comments on YouTube. However, as I wrote to K this morning on "In support of Ella..." group, I was in direct contact with "Jacqui Farmer" aka "Charlotte Alton" (or some people know her as "Charlotte Ward") over March-April. There were a lot of incongruities in my contacts with "Jacque Farmer" of Hampstead Research right back then, that sat REALLY uncomfortably with me... Her general tone which could be at once smarmy and self congratulating... then fawning and cowering, in a self-deprecating mock manner... I could never work out "Who" I was going to get...  Plus incongruities such as emailing me PRIVATE and PERSONAL information she had been sent in TRUST, BY Ella and Abe, and yet she forwarded these "tasty snippets" to me, who she'd only just met. So please don't be deceived into thinking that "Jackie Farmer/ Charlotte Ward/ Charlotte Alton" was EVER out to help Ella and Abe... Her function was to tie up everyone in the DETAILS !! And by god what a BRILLIANT job she did, right ?? It's all come out now, anyway... in the August 3 radio interview Guidance 2222 did with Ella and Abe.
    43 mins · Edited · Like

It was pretty soon after I wrote this last post (above) that David Divad wielded his new-found WMD and I was removed from the group.

Then  Dear-  Dear-  Dear-  Dear-  ME !!

Lo and behold if I don't find all these choice little morsels, right off the iPad of David Divad, who is currently luxuriating in his new-found role as Administrator on the "Justice for Hampstead" Fb Secret group  :-/  How long he will be able to continue his charade, I do not know...


Bron said  .... and look at that. Even though that David Divad knows what the score is now about the 6 August trial, he's still got that video with his post at the top of his Timeline !! What does that tell you ?? Who the f'k is he ?? What the... ????  I don't think much of that URL either. Looks like an NSA or Mossad agent's address to me...

David Divad via OPEN YOUR EYES
Yesterday at 2:53am ·
Belinda moves herself into self exile and Ricky Dearman gets custody of the Hampstead children.


Bron:  Awwww... Sweet... Another VERY ENLIGHTENING post by David Divad that completely outs who he/she is:

David Divad
August 5 at 3:35am · Edited ·
No appeal for the Hampstead case. Ella and Abraham ousted everyone who tried to help, calling them shills and controlled opposition. Friends and supporters of the family publicly showing support for Hitler, glorifying drinking menstrual blood, claim the earth is flat with armed guards in gun boats guarding the edge and trying to convince people they've met aliens on the the alien mothership floating above Earth.

Wow! If there ever was a PysOp, this is it. Well done Tavistock, what a fuck up all this has been!
Poor children!

On David Divad's profile...

... and enjoys slagging off other E & A supporters at every opportunity... Twat !!

David Divad
August 3 at 3:26am · Edited ·
OK Flat Earthers...

If the earth is flat, why can't you see Roscoff in France from Plymouth in England, which is only about 90 miles away? A. claims she took a telescope 300 miles out to sea on a boat and could see land 300 miles away. Obviously not true or delusional!

Yup... And here's another Shiny Example on the same thread of the complete twat that has just been let onto the "Justice" group and he has now taken over. The voice of the disinformation agent speaks loud and clear...   He's about to undo everything the GJ has been doing over these last several months. He's a real Babylonian Magician casting his SPELLS all over the place... And you made him ADMIN CM ??  Give me a break !!  A - messes to clean up here love   : (

David Divad said:  "Playing the Devils advocate [Yes he is... Hidden in plain sight], after so much effort has gone in to this coverup [Yes - of your own cover up to infiltrate the main Hampstead Groups] what are the chances a GJ can succeed?  [Yup... the old doubt TRick again].  It will succeed lawfully, but since when has the system let law stand in its way. [More doubt sown].  However, it doesn't mean it shouldn't go ahead. [Yup... double the negative to really rub the doubt in]. If it doesn't succeed [A third negative and an "if" just to make sure], it will succeed in highlighting how corrupt the system is [Negating the effectiveness - These are ALL old Babylonian Magic Tricks !!], and like they say... Nothing ventured, nothing gained!  [Two more negatives "nothing" just to ram the nails into the coffin]. Good luck GJ [An implication they will need it]  smile emoticon  

August 10 at 12:58am · Edited ·

Damn right this Magician is smiling from ear to ear. He's just done a real 'number' on the Justice Fb crew...  and they didn't even see him coming.  All the main people on that group have been all buddy buddies with him since June, likely before that...  And NOW, he's IN !!  And he will take you apart... Brick by brick... Stone by stone.  And hell...  I'm certainly glad I won't be in there to see him doing it  :-/ 

His words sound so calming... so soothing... so rational...

But busy, busy, busy he is....  Madly sowing those seeds of doubt...

tRicky-  tRicky-  tRicky- 

David Divad said: The info you get maybe coming from disinformation operatives working for the secret service. So try and keep an open mind when reading hearsay. If you make facts of assumptions, then using this logic Bronwyn could be Sound Affects. Might be true, might not. But look at the bigger picture. The whole movement has turned on itself. Was that the work of clever operatives manipulating our minds with sophisticated mind control operations, or have we all lost our minds. Step out side the box and try to see the bigger picture and remember what we should be focusing on... The children, not who said this and who said that

A contact of mine informed me RD got custody of the children. But I don't see anyone talking about this sad fact if true. Was anyone present at the ruling?

August 9 at 3:48am · Like · 5

Yup... DD is the central man in his own fiction... yet again...  

David Divad said: Depends. I have a few people in the system I met while networking, but never met them in person, so they could be undercover operatives giving false info. So I am very wary to state anything as fact unless I know with certainty it's fact. I use the info they give me, to gauge their trustworthiness. I can't say for sure just yet if they are reliable. If the above is true, then that's a good pointer and while writing this, I've just been informed A. has confirmed this fact, saying that they are trying to over turn it with the GJ, or something along those lines!
August 9 at 4:20am · Like · 3

For an Admin on this Group DD, you seem to know very little about the actions they are doing in that group.  

So you still think you've done the right thing by appointing this imposter Dear..  David Divad to come into your inner sanctum CM ??  

Time will tell...  time will tell...  

Then comes the tolling of the bell...

And if you're still pissing around and running yourself in circles in six months time, remember these words you read today...  From an old lady with a pure heart and a blunt tongue, who saw through the bullshit of  THIS  distraction agent in your midst back in February...  And here he is now...

Fully entrenched in your number and about to do his foulest of work.



And learn your lesson well !!


  1. This comment was just posted on Facebook... It's good confirmation...

    I worked out months ago that David David and his gang were working for the Dearmam crew and were only here to get info on us all and steer things in the wrong direction, I had to block him in the end, as the minute I let him know I was on to him he stalked me all over facebook. He has multiple facebook accounts and has whole conversations with himself with several avatars, there are a few of us who know what he's all about, glad others are starting to notice now. He also has a page called "open your eyes" where he uses multiple facebook profiles and spreads disinformation and collects Info on people

    Thanks for this commentor...

  2. The commentor continued... "He's a a very smart but vile nasty being. He is very good at pulling people in and making people think he's a nice smart guy just trying to fight for the children, ha ha ha is all I can say, he is really a slimy little worm who has multiple conversations with himself online to make himself look good, in the end I pulled him up on it and pointed out on his page that he was talking to himself and liking his own comments in a different profile, he then stalked me online to the point I had to block him. He was so angry I had found him out that he tried to get everyone on the Hampstead group to turn against me by writing stuff about me on his wall! As far as I'm concerned you are 100% right in what you say, as ive seen it myself.

    1. Thank you so much for your early confirmations. I wouldn't be at all surprised if more people's testimonies like this come out of the woodwork. Thank you !!

  3. Thank you David Divad for leaving your noble-sounding Comment under the name "Anonymous". I can tell your sanctimonious tone from 100 metres !! I've had to listen to you warble on at me for the last 3 days. Your energy-vibe is UNMISTAKABLE to me now !! You're all about creating Cognitive Dissonance... Black is white... White is black... And a lot of "ifs", "buts", "maybes", doubt-filled statements and negations all through everything you write.

    People are not stupid !! The blinkers are WELL OFF their eyes by now !! Nice try mate with all your threats and telling people i've "harassed you for months" ?? How could I mate, when I BLOCKED you since February 2015 ??? I haven't BEEN ABLE TO have any contact with you, you little Drop Kick !! That's what "BLOCKING" on Facebook means... NO CONTACT !!!! So how the hell could I have been hounding you ????

    You make shit up David Divad... You seriously need your head read dude !! Back in February, it was YOU who was hounding ME... and from what this testimony above says, I wasn't the ONLY Hampstead TRUE SUPPORTER you were gunning for !! My solution was very simple !! I cut the ties with you. I could SEE you were ABSOLUTE POISON !!! And you still ARE !! ABSOLUTE POISON !!

    But if you want to continue on with your nasty little lies and sucker people in to your games, you go right ahead YOU SHILL. Fill your boots !! I'm not peoples' nanny-caretaker. They'll work it out quite capably for themselves !! I've got MUCH BETTER things to do with my Time and Energy than keep playing "tennis" just to entertain you !!

    You're a FOOL who's deluded himself to think that he's "all that". You're not. You're just another STUPID SHILL trying to detract GOOD People from creating a GRAND JURY that will STOP the children going to their Rapist, Sodomising father - FOREVER !!!

    The People will figure you out soon enough !! You're ALL coming out of the woodwork now - You and ALL the Cult members !!! You old DEVIL David Divad backwards-is-forwards "hidden in plain sight" Babylonian Butcher, Masonic black-is-white little tRickster... !! I'd love to have YOU drop YOUR pants too mate to check for your Devil-Monster tattoos !!

    You're DEFINITELY IN with the Cult.

  4. I just found one of his other aliases on "Open your eyes" ... "James Allard"
    ... SNAPPED talking to himself like the schizophrenic he is !! Lame little SHILL !!

    "Toxic" is completely right !!

  5. Ahhhh... and he's still popping up in his various guises. This one is called: "Colby Fredriksson".

    Here's his little rant... with ALL the hallmarks of our old good mate: David Divad !!

    But Satanism doesn't nor will ever exist! The entity was created by bible bashers to make their entity aka God perfect! If you're saying that Satan is real then it is God aka 2 sides of the same coin! It has been proven that there are NO TUNNELS at the church! That there was no blood sacrifice rubbish! And above that Satanic Ritual Abuse is also fake given the person whom created the name for it and what it was supposed to be about admitted on Feb 5th 2015 to not been registered to practice from 1978! So just because you and other diddle on about doesn't make it real! And if anything by claiming it is real now, well it makes you and others sound like you are aka mentally ill! The kids admitted that Abe got them to lie! Ella ignored them been abused by Abe, it is a very severe case of PAS aka Parental Alienation Syndrome! PAS yes but not SRA! My advice is let laying dogs lie because the people involved in spreading the lies are slowly but surely been arrested and will be sent to prison! Even if you live in the USA it can still happen! Its just sad that you're too blind to see the truth! And you call yourself a child of God! He would be ashamed to have you as a child!

    Bronwyn said: Well Colby.... you go right ahead and tell that to all the Demonic entities who spoke out of the mouths of my family members when I was 11 years old. It took me the next 30 years to get healed and get strong again. That schist REALLY affects you. Oh yes it IS real... and it was most certainly happening in MY household as a child. Just because it never happened to you (thank goodness), it doesn't mean it never happens!!

    Bronwyn said: Oh right... "Colby Fredricksson" is just another incarnation of David Divad. As soon as he started with the veiled threats, I knew exactly who it was... Little schizophrenic who has as many aliases as he has pairs of socks !!

    "Colby Fredriksson" said: No idea whom he is, but you can believe what you want! Satan doesnt nor will ever be real! And you are been taken as a fool in your beliefs.

    Note: Interesting incorrect use of the word "whom" just to embellish the character...
    to make him sound a little bit 'posh' I suppose.

    Bronwyn said: Yup.... I got the hook right in your mouth David David... and i'm reeling you in right now !! Your rant has ALL the hallmarks of David Divad and I KNOW you have a gazillion alter-identities... probably including this FAKE account, according to "my sources" !!
    [David Divad is ALWAYS referring to "my sources" - dig, dig...]

    These quotes on:

    Aaaand... Another one bites the dust !!

  6. The REAL "Nasty Piece of Work" here is the author of this Blog.
    He/She has offended / ridiculed / bullied so many Intelligent, good people on-line - anyone with half a brain can SEE right through this Sociopathic, Self-deluded, Megalomaniac nonsense...!
    On guard - who will be her / his next Target? - whatever....(Living in a fishbowl of self-importance, disrupting intelligent minds everywhere).....Yawn....

    1. "Real Nasty Piece of Work" and "Yawn" are incongruous sentiments. David Divad really needs to learn how to adopt a "voice" and follow through with it. You don't perplex me DD. I completely see You.

    2. awe... Guess again..... You REALLY Fail to SEE how many You Injure with Your Venemous on-line SLANDER..? ~ a True Sociopath / MEGALOMANIAC... woah...

    3. Yes... Only a TRUE Friend to David Divad or Tricky Demon himself could be bothered to come back for a second swipe at me. "Normal" people really wouldn't give a shit !! THIS POST is NOT exactly, "riveting reading". Could this respondent actually be the "elusive" DELPHI STAR who's had a Blogger account since 2006 but has never used it ?? This sure feels like another BOGUS IDENTITY a little TRickster could pull out of the hat whenever they wanted to....

      "Delphi Star" on

      "Delphi Star" - author of the blank space/ Blog called "Visions"

    4. You'll REALLY have to work on your timing "Delphi Star" aka "Anonymous.

      Posting at 8:11 and then again at 8:37 is still absolutely transparent as far as i'm concerned. One and the same entity. You losers think you're just so darned clever... don't you ??

      And do you know how many people are reading this ???

      ZERO !!

      Nobody gives a shit !! Only YOU !!

    5. Oh dear... And here you come at me again, as another little schizophrenic character at 8:49 called ""Peaceful Breeze". Yeah right!. I think somebody's been taking too much adrenochrome !! How many ALTARS do you REALLY have. I was told you have HEAPS !! But this is just getting RIDICULOUS !! Right ?? Good Grief... !! You're SO Fucking OBVIOUS !! It's just another "tell" DD when "Peaceful Breeze's" profile on Google directs you straight to "Zoloft" medical !!! No... Not a SPAMMER at all... NOTHING to see here. But DEFINITELY a BOGUS Google account. Yeah... Another one !!

    6. Well yeah... You're going to end up pretty depressed after you carve enough babies up...

      Depression | Anxiety | PMDD | ZOLOFT® (sertraline HCI) Safety Info...

  7. ...just reading the rest of the blather of this Raving Lunatic's Venemous Blog...
    Advice: See a shrink.

    1. Yup... more frothing at the mouth from "Anonymous" so transparently (once again) that REPTILE of American suburbania... David Divad. You can see how he thinks he's such a "cool player". But all he does is reveal his "tells" all the time. He's a bit of an idiot actually :-/ Who can be bothered, really ??

    2. It was kind of obvious it was you David Divad when you made one post after the other, with only 4 minutes between posts. To bad your little charade of "Oh... but it's different people talking" is EASILY SEEN by ME !! You're just a FOOL and a PLAYTHING to me David Divad aka James Allard aka Colby Fredriksson, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

      "You can fool some of the people some of the time... but NOT ALL of the people all of the time."

      I SEE YOU....

      I 100% SEE YOU !!

  8. I mean... Let's work it out logically. How long has this post been up here? 13 days right? I'm not actively promoting it, or talking about this anywhere. Nobody's particularly interested in it. Nobody has visited this post much to speak of in the last week. Nobody gives a shit.... EXCEPT for David Divad of course, who is RELENTLESSLY attempting to defend his reputation. This is a completely lost cause. He's already made HIMSELF look quite the NaaNaa. Go hard DD. You're putty in my hands. David Divad is the hero is his own psychotic nightmare. I'm also finding out he's bloody Obsessive Compulsive (OCD) and Borderline Personality Disorder into the bargain. Keep playing the clown DD. The more you do, the MORE OPPORTUNITIES you give your supposed and INVENTED "supporters" to see who you REALLY ARE !! You little schizophrenic !!


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