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Mark Zuckerberg over Fed investigation of Facebook: "The RUSSIANS did it." !!!!

March 20, 2018. Source - "Mark Zuckerberg Under Fire Over Facebook's Data Breach During US Presidential Election" - Web Pro News

"Facebook is pointing the fingers Cambridge Analytica and an application developer by the name of Aleksandr Kogan and asserts that they mishandled the data." - CDP

That's right Mark... 

Aleksandr executed a massive data breach all by himself !!  

Facebook had "nothing to do with it", right?  

The People are well-over "blame the Russians" Mark. Come on "Mr Innocent" Swiss Pharaoh - bought and paid for. You're as guilty as sin, and we all know it! You've been a bad actor for years... probably since the beginning actually - with no moral compunction to ever stop selling people's private information for your own personal enrichment. That's the hard facts buddy. 

You fully sold out Facebook in 2009 and again at the end of 2014 to the CIA, NSA 5-eyes network and Mossad (to name just a few, I daresay) in return for a few filthy bucks. The People are not stupid, and we are not impressed. We know how it all goes down... money, money, money. Sell everything to the highest bidders.

Your day has come my friend... And don't expect all of your cronies in the SES to come and Ba'al you out - Anyone into sacrificing a chicken (young boy under 3 years old) to Molech these days, or are you all running scared?  Ref: Hillary Clinton's email on WikiLeaks.

All of your old SES mates are in the doo-doo up to their ears. You're on your own bud. Tell the truth and you'll only get 10 years in GITMO - instead of life !!  It's time you come clean you shabby little pirate. 

All the pirates are being rounded up, including all the corporate pirates who sailed under the British flag two centuries ago. You're not too hard to find in Burke's Peerage and in every government in the world. They/you are all going down. Drug-running, guns-running, human trafficking... child sex slavery trafficking... slavery... money laundering, racketeering...  You're all going down.

See the full article on the Conservative Daily Post and on Web Pro News:

Part 1. Senior Executive Service (SES). Mind-map of video from 0:00 to 7:05

Article: Senior Executive Service: The 8,156 partisan appointees who run Washington, DC - by Abel Danger. February 7, 2018.

BronnyNZ: This is such an involved story, I decided to map it out. I listened to the following video twice and still couldn't wrap my mind around who the players were and what they did. I've only been able to complete the first 7 minutes of this 45 minute video. I do plan on completing the rest... Watch this space. It took me around 2 hours to go through the elements as described in this interview and map the relationships out. The information comes in thick and fast. Just follow the maps and I think this will help a lot.

I'll add the first 5 maps directly below, and the rest of them i'll add after the video description. And please remember to sign the petition. I just signed it from here in New Zealand... Everyone can sign it. Please do!

This is probably one of the most important petitions to ever come up on White House petitions. Please everybody in the world, let's hit the 100,000 signature target by April 12, 2018 - not long to go now. Please sign. Please share this post on all your social media outlets. This petition needs to get 97,404 more signatures by April 12. We all need to help. This is urgent !!!

Please note: my blog is not monetized.

I think you're about to be amazed at the information in this video. I've made a back-up copy of the video that I will be adding to my DTube channel tomorrow. I was hugely surprised at this American Intelligence Media information - highly recommended channel. The information is immense!  

All gratitude to "Americans For Innovation" for all of your hard work in developing your Research Tool. Without it, this information about the SES would not have been unearthed. Thank you !!!

The best way to use these mind maps is to start the video and follow along on the mind map. Start with the first mind map while the video is running, then move on to the next map. They are all in correct chronological order in synch with the video. You might have to stop the video every now and then to take everything in... 

This information is HUGE !!!

Mind map "Senior Executive Service" 
0:00-7:05 on the following video.

 * Should read "Douglas" not Thomas.

* AC = Andrew McCabe

* Should read "Douglas" not Thomas.
* AC = Andrew McCabe

American Intelligence Media
Published on Mar 18, 2018

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben outline the collapse of the shadow government in this riveting discussion. The research tools they referred to can be found here: Research Tools for Digital Truth Sleuths

Read about Senior Executive Services here: Deep State Shadow Government Revealed - Senior Executive Service

Remove the unconstitutional 9000 Senior Executive Services (SES) members. Video here:

We the People: Your Voice in Our Government. Sign the petition:
"Remove the unconstitutional 9000 Senior Executive Services (SES) members."

Do you receive your free daily TRUTH NEWS HEADLINES? Then you are missing out – big time.

* MK = Michael McKibben

Here ends 7:05 minutes.

The next 3 screenshots show the whole map in order of the video content. Starting point is "Interview". This first image tells us who the SES is. 

The second image shows Andrew McCabe's deep involvement in Uranium One - Clinton Foundation, his pay-offs and the SES "secret society".  

The third image shows possible legal outcomes if McCabe decides to contest his dismissal from the FBI which makes him ineligible for ongoing $56,000 a year retirement payments.

Remember to sign the petition... It's really important. Thanks.

Please remember to share this post. This blog is not monetized. ie: I have no personal interest in you sharing any of this blog's posts on social media. Shares of this post in particular, simply needs to be done. Thank you!

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

QAnon on 8chan YouTube channel DELETED !! What the... ???? !!!

Video location here  (deleted)

This is truly unbelieveable !! I am actually flabbergasted !! These platform owners are squashing The People underfoot like cockroaches !! This behavior is CRAZY !! It is seriously batty !!

Find QAnon on 8chan here @ "Will Power"

Find more blog posts here about recent MSSM censorship on

Monday, 19 March 2018

Join me on my NEW WEBSITE. Facebook ACCOUNT DELETED - AGAIN !!!

Content from the screenshot here with live links -

Sign the petition: "Remove the unconstitutional 9000 Senior Executive Services (SES) members." 
- Join the mailing list. Pop-up has 10 second delay
- Become a Member on the discussion Forum

On the Homepage:

A QUICK MESSAGE - March 19, 5pm EST

Facebook has just DELETED my second account. They DELETED my primary account 3 weeks ago. I won't be creating any more Facebook accounts.  I'm whipping a dead horse. Today I made 3-4 Friend Requests and then up popped a message saying "Strange activity" has been identified on your account.

Since I need to buy a new mobile phone (iPhone) to synch in with NZ's new surveillance 5-eyes network, I couldn't verify my Facebook account. 

The "Ministry of Truth" speaks again... Nothing to do with "securing my account" and everything to do with securing YOUR version of "reality". If MY version of "reality" wasn't the TRUTH, you wouldn't bother with me at all. You incriminate yourself by your actions...  All of this started at the end of February with my Facebook group (deleted) called "Nikolas Cruz is INNOCENT".

Further explanation: I use an old Nokia non-internet aka non-surveillance cell phone. It now just tells me the time. I'm not keen at all to "join the network". I am not cattle-chattel NYSE stock. I am not your sheep/le that submits to being herded blindly wherever you want me to go. eg: to the abbatoir - killing fields - death labour camps of every war in the 20th century. I do not welcome the NWO "Skynet" with open arms!

Funny that!  

#HumanHarvesting  #HumanSacrifice  "Make a sacrifice for your country."  Yeah... Right!  #BloodSacrifice  #TheCovenAnt   #WorkerAnt  #COven  #MolechOven  #WorkerDrones  #IsisBee  #IsisQueenBee  #QueenOfHeaven  #IshtarRabbitBreeders  #BabySacrifice  #NinthCircleSatanicElite  #DeathCult  #SwissPharaohs who rule humanity from their mountain strongholds in Switzerland to this day !!  #BankForInternationalSettlements - the MOTHER of all banks. Where do your bank deposits go every night?  #BIS  #SwissSecretBanks  #TaxHaven  #ChildSlavery was finally repealed in Switzerland in 1989 !!!!  Switzerland: Home of de Rothschild. Home of Cern Satanic demonic cult facility. Home of all human slavery, deception, lies, HQ for police and military internationally #Octogon system, controlling humanity through #FreeMasons internationally  #SecretSocieties  #SkullAndBones  #CouncilOnForeignRelations - Satanic organization  #Bilderberg group - means "mountain of paintings" as seized by Hitler and delivered to his bosses in the Swiss mountains - See article > #TriLateralCommission  #UN - Satanic child trafficking organization  #NATO - Satanic war machine hiding behind a smiling face  #Syria  #Iraq  

#911 - The Swissies did it  #JWOBankers 

Notice the Egyptian Pharaonic scarab beetles dancing in front of the demon-possessed man with the Baphomet goat's head over him...  #SwissPharaohs  - All roads lead to Switzerland  #KnightsTemplar established Switzerland in 1291. "Switzerland" means "the sisters of Isis" the Egyptian goddess... More "tells". The Swiss Pharaohs #PharaohBloodline are in cahoots with the #Jesuits  #CatholicChurch  #Pope #SwissGuard - Why ???  - and with the #KhazarianMafia  #Khazarians  which is another stronghold of this bloodline since around 9000 BCE !!

The bloodline of the Pharaohs has been with us for a very long, long time.

Video: Illuminati opening ceremony of Gotthard Base Tunnel

Published on Jun 1, 2016

It's everywhere. It's tentacles are in everything. "The Beast" system needs to be brought down. 

Only "We The People" have the power to do it.  How ??  >>

Get AWAKE. Get AWARE.  Wake up everyone around you, in your off-line and on-line networks. KNOWLEDGE is EVERYTHING !!!  


Oh... You better believe there's a death cult. It manifests in all sorts of forms... 

Death camps - hard labor camps.

PMCs child trafficking  - Private Military Companies (death cult) traffick young children (death sentence) > #SwissPharaohs  "French" #ForeignLegion #Swissies actually who have been terrorizing the rest of Europe for centuries. "I am Legion" - Yup! You bet you are, you murderer !!!  #HiddenInPlainSight 

It's a death cult. Its fundamental premise is: "Anti-life". It wants to prove who is "God". It (Legion) believes it is God. Legion needs to learn that the only thing it brings to the table is anathema to humans. It is disgusting! Real heart-loving humans want nothing to do with your death cult fantasies. You are totally disgusting !!!

Back to my website message:  

Facebook summarily removed me AGAIN !! *sigh* Same old same old. Can I be bothered with them? I don't think so. Bye bye Facebook! 

The battle against censorship continues...

Scroll down on this Homepage under "Swiss Pharaohs" and see Wix's (possibly Google's) censorship of my video promo. Please see the article on my blog. That video that is STILL up on YouTube. It is STILL public. It has been Shadow Banned by Wix!  THAT is how important this video is. Watch it now!  Download.  

I'm setting up a blog today on this website. This message will appear on the blog... Coming soon. 
I'm down but definitely not out! 

Please share this notification on all social media platforms

Thanks - Love BronnyNZ

Please note: Are you still looking at this site from the old Wix www.URL? My new domain is up:

See the censored video with article on my Steemit and my DTube account.  It's really important that you watch this "unavailable" video soon (this week). Become awakened to the ramifications of what Chatzefratz is telling us. Do it !! This deletion off my Wix website tells us exactly how important this video is !!!

Where we go one, we go all !!!  - Q

Where one is knocked down, 10 more will rise !!  - BronnyNZ

We ARE the 99%  -  and don't you forget it!

 See you there @

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Shadow banning this blog? Adding AI? Ministry of Truth apps? March 11, 2018

What is this? Very strange... 

This very weird thing happened on my blog on March 11, 2018. Suddenly, everything stopped. Visitors arriving completely fizzled for around 10 hours. Perhaps there's a techie out there who can explain this.

WHY SUDDENLY did my blog go blank - right across the board in all subject areas? Why were views humming along (as normal) at the rate of around 100 views per hour and then BAM !!  For around 10 hours there were between 8-12 views an hour, and 1 hour when there was 24 views (the small spike). This is very peculiar...

What happened out there?

Did the Mobile network go down? Did go down? These are two sources for a lot of traffic arriving at this site. Did some heavy shadow banning and censorship of "certain" articles go down on Facebook? Thanks Snopes...

Or did this blog get shadow banned in some other way?  

Thanks USA NSA and NZ GCSB... Members of the 5-eyes network.

And if so, why did the shadow ban get lifted? Did they not find what they were looking for?
What were they looking for?

Peculiar. Very peculiar  😕

A good 60% of visitors to this blog simply key in "co-creating our..." and they arrive here since the address is stored on their browser. Suddenly, all of these people were locked out.

Was this your experience on March 11? - last Sunday?  If it was, i'd love to hear about it. Leave a comment.

I've added some graphs below so you can see for yourself what happened. I've also added the stats for Referring URLs and Referring Sites for the week, to see if this adds to the analysis. Thanks for adding your thoughts to mine to try to make sense of this...

Very strange indeed !!

Please note: All times are New Zealand time, ie: 18 hours ahead of EST in the USA. When the date shifts to March 12, 2018 in the fourth image below, the time EST is 6:00am on March 11. So this weirdness happened from around March 10 @ 22:00 until March 11 @ 5:00 EST.

This will help pin-point if this was a world-wide web event, or whether this banning was expecially for me - or perhaps it was specific for the Blogger network. Perhaps Google was installing something on Blogger that tracks us even more vigorously than before. Maybe Google is starting to realize just how much information is going out into the world on little blogs like this one, where the author has much more to talk about than hobby topics such as "what my cat did today".

These are all parts of the discussion we can consider.
I'd love your feedback. Comments are open below.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Swiss Pharaohs vs. The People (1939-1945)

Video - Swiss Pharaohs vs. The People (1939-1945 by chatzefrazt on YouTube
Video - Swiss Pharaohs vs. The People (1939-1945) uploaded by BronnyNZ on Facebook

Join at History Revisionist on Facebook. Strict membership requirements.

Swiss Pharaohs vs. The People (1939-1945)

by Bronwyn Llewellyn
Journalist and Historian (BA, Otago NZ)

"Neutral" Switzerland established in 1291, home of the Knights Templar Egyptian pharaonic bloodline and their stolen cache of Jerusalem gold, bankrolled artist and forceful charismatic German orator and propagandist Adolph Hitler, to undertake the biggest heist of financial, physical and human capital ever seen, 1939-1945. The Bank for International Settlements was established in the early 1920s with a stated purpose of facilitating German WW1 reparations. Nothing was further from the truth. The Swiss Pharaohs using the BIS started to raid European countries for their wealth. In the late 1930s an enormous storehouse of oil was found in Saudi Arabia. The House of Windsor (UK monarchy, formerly 'Mountbatten', formerly 'Battenberg' Germans) quickly embraced Saudi Arabia as its vassal and the Swiss pharaohs of "neutral" Switzerland set up a shipping fleet (purportedly "aid" ships) that transported Saudi Arabian oil to Germany. A war would soon begin. The finance and the energy source had been found to protract a war between Pharaohs, by and on behalf of Pharaohs, for a half decade. The Swiss Pharaohs of the European and British elite families would begin their extermination of the common people, their slaves. Thus began World War II. Prepare yourself to be horrified.

The German Swiss Pharaohs who sit on the English throne.

There was so much wealth stolen from The People over the 5.5 years of WW2 that the Swiss Pharaohs were able to control all aspects of political, financial and religious life for all people in all countries, right through the 20th century. This is how much wealth had been stolen from us. Phenomenal.

Please consider this: The word "Bilderberg" means "mountain of paintings". Guess how the Swiss Pharaohs have been funding their exploits for the last 80 years? We don't have to think too hard - Nazi Hitler Soros confiscations of gold, paintings, furniture, other artworks (sculptures, etc), gold teeth, jewellery, all valuables of every kind - all stolen from The People. The People are waking up. We have come to take it all back. We will no longer be the circumcised slaves "set apart" under a lying, psychopathic Egyptian pharaonic bloodline who act in collusion with the pharaonic priests of Amun who rule from the Vatican City - Amun, Amon, Amen. "In the name of Jesus (which is) 'Amen'." The Catholic Church knows exactly who they are.

These Pharaohs care nothing for humanity. They are total psychopaths who use, misuse, abuse, cheat, falsify, trick, manipulate, rape, kill, degrade, enslave... This is how deep the "Deep State" is. This is the swamp we are draining - a collective effort of The People. There are no by-standers. All must help in this "war effort" for our minds and the FREEING of ALL people from debt slavery. Only we ourselves can "free ourselves from mental slavery" - Marley. "Nobody is going to serve you up your awakening on a silver spoon" - BronnyNZ. We must do this work for ourselves. This is where it begins - with "Me". Change your thinking. BE FREE.

The 21st century is the Century Of Change. All of these strongman mechanisms will be brought down and to their knees. All of The People will see. WE are the change. Tell everybody in your networks what happened and what we now know. Share. This is a revised history that ALL people need to know about. We need to properly educate ourselves, and then we will never allow ourselves to be tricked again. The "magic trick" took 5,000 years to develop, emerge, and become what it is today. Hegemony over The People. Humanity will take it down... take it ALL down in a decade. All the foils, fabrications, subterfuge, propaganda, pandering, the spoils of wars, the colonizations for millennia of tribes and innocents will be seen for exactly what they are.

Get ready. EVERYTHING is about to change! When you see all of this with clear eyes washed in the pure water of the river of Truth, you won't be able to unsee the atrocity.

Debt slave... You are on the way to freeing yourself. Well done.

- by blogger BronnyNZ

Copyright BronnyNZ. Attribution always needed - ©BronnyNZ. Public domain, fair use, non-commercial replication of the above article is desirable. Thank you.

↠  ↠  ↠

Acknowledgement: All thanks and gratitude to South African historian and current resident of Octogon Switzerland Sean Hross for bringing this truth to the world.

All digital footage in the following video belongs to Sean Hross aka "chatzefratz" on YouTube.
Used here with permission.

All Sean Hross videos are in the Public Domain as stated by himself, "Sean Hross his Gift to Humanity"

↠  ↠  ↠

This information is astonishing !! It makes so much sense. I have wondered for a long time why the German family sitting on the English throne went to war TWICE against the people of Germany. It didn't make sense for cousins to be fighting cousins. Well, it all makes sense now. The ruling families of these countries are all pharaonic bloodline and are NOT "of Germany" or "of England". They are ALL Pharaohs, originally of ancient Egypt. They truly are (as chatzefratz says) - "The enemy within".

NOT HIDDEN ANY LONGER, that's for sure! 

Our AWAKENING proceeds at a quickened pace !!

Thank you Sean Hross! ... many times over our dear friend.

"There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends..." (John 15:13) and we know you have Sean - for the 5 months the Swiss authorities using their penal system (torture facilities) tried to kill you, simply for telling the truth about who and what they are. You are a man of GREAT bravery. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts - Man of wisdom and intelligence... fighting on through, even though they tried to kill your brain cells and turn you into an incapable imbecile using their hideous O2T (oxygen deprivation) torture methods. Horrific. Truly. You won Sean !! You ARE AMAZING !!

Thank you, BronnyNZ