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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Best interview. Confirms "ISIS" origins.

February 19, 2015

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said that the al-Qaeda terrorist war being waged in his nation was created by the deliberate policies of the American government and is militarily and logistically supported by Israel as part of a larger plan to create greater instability in the Middle East.

Speaking in an interview with the Russian Izvestia newspaper, which was republished in English on the official Syrian state broadcaster’s channel, al-Assad also said that the US government could never justify a physical intervention in Syria to its people because it would have to admit that it was directly supporting terrorism.

Asked by the interviewer why the Syrian government claimed a strong link between Israel and the terrorists when it is “commonly perceived that the extremist Islamists loathe Israel and become hysterical upon hearing its name,” al-Assad replied as follows:

“If this was the case, why is it then that when we strike the terrorists at the frontier, Israel strikes at our forces to alleviate the pressure off of them?

“Why, when we blockade them into an area does Israel let them through their barricades so they can come round and re-attack from another direction?

“Why has Israel carried out direct strikes against the Syrian Army on more than one occasion in recent months?

“So clearly this perception is inaccurate. It is Israel who has publically declared its cooperation with these terrorists and treated them in Israeli hospitals.

“If these terrorist groups were indeed hostile to Israel and hysterical even on the mention of the word as you mention, why have they fought the Soviet Union, Syria and Egypt, whilst never carrying out a single strike against Israel?” he said, posing the question:

“Who originally created these terrorist groups? These groups were initially created in the early 80s by the United States and the West, with Saudi funding, to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. So logically speaking, how could such groups manufactured by the US and the West ever strike Israel!”

Asked by Izvestia what he would say to world leaders, “some who may currently be working against” the Syrian government, al-Assad’s answer was as follows:

“Today there are many Western politicians, but very few statesmen. Some of these politicians do not read history or even learn from it, whilst others do not even remember recent events.

“Have these politicians learned any lessons from the past 50 years at least? Have they not realised that since the Vietnam War, all the wars their predecessors have waged have failed?

“Have they not learned that they have gained nothing from these wars but the destruction of the countries they fought, which has had a destabilising effect on the Middle East and other parts of the world?

“Have they not comprehended that all of these wars have not made people in the region appreciate them or believe in their policies?

“From another perspective, these politicians should know that terrorism is not a winning card you play when it suits you and keep it in your pocket when it doesn’t.

“Terrorism is like a scorpion; it can unexpectedly sting you at any time. Therefore, you cannot support terrorism in Syria whilst fighting it in Mali; you cannot support terrorism in Chechnya and fight it in Afghanistan.

“To be very precise, I am referring to the West and not all world leaders, if these western leaders are looking to achieve their interests, they need to listen to their own constituents and to the people in this region rather than seeking to install ‘puppet’ leaders, in the hope that they would be able to deliver their objectives. In doing so, western policy may become more realistic in the region.

“Our message to the world is straightforward: Syria will never become a Western ‘puppet’ state. We are an independent country; we will fight terrorism and we will freely build relationships with countries in a way that best serves the interests of the Syrian people.”

Al-Assad went on to point out that the terrorist movement in Syria was aggravated by the“influx of large amounts of terrorists from other countries—estimated in the tens of thousands at the very least.”

He added that as “long as they [the terrorists] continue to receive financial and military aid, we will continue to strike them”—a reference to the fact that the US government in particular has been arming and financing these al-Qaeda linked fighters for over a year.

Al-Assad also dealt with a number of other pertinent issues, including the claim that the terrorists “control large parts of Syria.”

In answer to this he said that “it’s not a matter of labelling areas as controlled by terrorists or by the government; we are not dealing with a conventional occupation to allow us to contextualise it in this manner.

“We are fighting terrorists infiltrating particular regions, towns or peripheral city areas. They wreak havoc, vandalise, destroy infrastructure and kill innocent civilians simply because they denounce them. The army mobilises into these areas with the security forces and law enforcement agencies to eradicate the terrorists, those who survive relocate to other areas. Therefore, the essence of our action is striking terrorism.

“Our challenge, which has protracted the situation, is I can confirm that there has not been any instance where the Syrian Army has planned to enter a particular location and has not succeeded in eliminating the terrorists within it.

“There isn’t an army in the world that can be present with its armament in every corner of any given country. The terrorists exploit this, and violate areas where the army is not present. They escape from one area to another, and we continue to eradicate them from these areas with great success. Therefore, I reiterate, the issue is not the size of the territories they infiltrate but the large influx of terrorists coming from abroad.

“The more significant criterion to evaluate success is—has the Syrian Army been able to enter any area infiltrated by terrorists and defeat them? Most certainly the answer is yes; the army has always succeeded in this and continues to do so. However, this takes time because these types of wars do not end suddenly, they protract for prolonged periods and as such carry a heavy price. Even when we have eradicated all the terrorists, we will have paid a hefty price.”

Asked by the interviewer who exactly these terrorists are, al-Assad said that the “majority of those we are fighting are Takfiris [Takbiri], who adopt the al-Qaeda doctrine, combined with a coherent major force that seeks to destroy the security and stability in Syria and the whole Middle East.

“They have both traits. They are similar in that they all share the same extremist Takfiri doctrine of certain individuals such as Zawahiri; they also have similar or identical financial backing and military support. They differ on the ground in that they are incoherent and scattered with each group adhering to a separate leader and pursuing different agendas. Of course it is well known that countries, such as Saudi Arabia, who hold the purse strings can shape and manipulate them to suit their own interests.

“Ideologically, these countries mobilise them through direct or indirect means as extremist tools. If they declare that Muslims must pursue Jihad in Syria, thousands of fighters will respond. Financially, those who finance and arm such groups can instruct them to carry out acts of terrorism and spread anarchy. The influence over them is synergised when a country such as Saudi Arabia directs them through both the Wahhabi ideology and their financial means.”

Saudi Arabia is, under its current leadership, a firm ally of the US government.

“It is now crystal clear to everybody that what is happening in Syria is not a popular revolution pushing for political reform, but targeted terrorism aimed at destroying the Syrian state. What will they say to their people when pushing for military intervention: we are intervening in Syria to support terrorism against the state?” al-Assad added.

Source: The New Observer

"Takbiri" rebels in Syria
Image result for Syria Takbiri rebels
Article  "US-Backed Syrian Rebel Group Beheads Child" Wed, July 20, 2016. Syrian rebel fighters from the US-backed rebel group Nour-al-din el-Zanki have beheaded a child thought to be 11-13 in a shocking video.

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Muslims traffick half-Swedish daughters age 10-13 into sex slavery

Ok... Just a sickening piece to make you feel ill for the rest of the afternoon...

Introduction by a native Swede:

This is a problem that has existed in all the years that Sweden had immigrants from Muslim countries, but it has previously hushed up by the authorities and the press.

Even girls with a Swedish mother and a Muslim father has been tricked to their daughter being forcibly married but to a much older man. Girls as young as 10 to 13 years.

Image result for Tomma skolbänkar efter bortförande utomlands

Girls who do not come back to school after summer vacation has in recent years become a growing problem. One reason that the desks are empty is that youths transferred abroad for forced marriages.
- The development has gone in the wrong direction. It's more that disappear from the school benches, more people who will not come back to school and there is no one who asks for them, says Sara Mohammad at the organization Never Forget Pela and Fadime.

15 missing in two years
Between 2013 and 2015 disappeared at least 15 young people from the Swedish schools, according to the organization, which was formed in the early 2000s after the high-profile murder of the two girls.

Now, at the start of school, the organization is concerned that more school desks will be empty.

Blackmailed and tricked
- When they get carried away with the old country, or when they are forced, blackmailed, tricked, maybe parents' homeland, they can be married. And it is more than in the past that will not return, says Sara Mohammad.

The County Administrative Board in Östergötland has since 2005 had a government mandate to prevent honor-related violence and oppression. Although in some schools made a follow-up work related to the missing students, they consider that it is too little.

- It's sad and scary that there is no structured follow-up after the summer break is over, and there are school desks that are empty, said Juno Blom, investigators regarding honor-related violence and oppression.

- But more important is that we get better at protecting children and young people expressing a concern to be carried out of the country. We must ensure that it does not get done, says Juno Blom.

There are many unreported regarding these children, but most of them have disappeared in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

To come to grips with the problem is needed, according to Sara Mohammad, a survey of municipalities, at regional, national and international level. And that a collaboration between including schools, social services, the police, the Foreign Ministry and embassies to locate the current kids.

- by Thomas Jonasson
Published 23 augusti 2016 
Original below

Flickor som inte kommer tillbaka till skolan efter sommarlovet har under de senare åren blivit ett växande problem. En orsak till att skolbänkarna står tomma är att ungdomar förts utomlands för tvångsäktenskap.

– Utvecklingen har gått åt helt fel håll. Det är fler som försvinner från skolbänkarna, fler som inte kommer tillbaka till skolan och det är ingen som frågar efter dem, säger Sara Mohammad vid organisationen Glöm aldrig Pela och Fadime.
15 försvunna på två år

Mellan 2013 och 2015 försvann minst 15 ungdomar från de svenska skolorna, enligt organisationen, som bildades i början på 2000-talet efter de uppmärksammade morden på de två flickorna.

Nu, vid skolstarten, oroas organisationen över att fler skolbänkar kommer stå tomma.
Utpressade och lurade

– När de blir bortförda till det gamla hemlandet, eller när de blir tvungna, utpressade, lurade, kanske till föräldrarnas gamla hemland, kan de bli bortgifta. Och det är fler än tidigare som inte kommer tillbaka, säger Sara Mohammad.

Länsstyrelsen i Östergötland har sedan 2005 haft regeringens uppdrag att förebygga hedersrelaterat våld och förtryck. Även om det på vissa skolor görs ett uppföljningsarbete gällande försvunna elever, anser man att det görs för lite.

– Det är sorgligt och skrämmande att det inte sker någon strukturerad uppföljning när sommarlovet är slut, och det finns skolbänkar som är tomma, säger Juno Blom, utredare gällande hedersrelaterat våld och förtryck.
Stort mörkertal

– Men än viktigare är att vi blir bättre på att skydda de barn och ungdomar som uttrycker en oro för att bli utförda ur landet. Vi måste försäkra oss om att det inte får ske, säger Juno Blom.

Det finns ett stort mörkertal gällande dessa barn, men de flesta av dem har försvunnit i Mellanöstern, Asien och Afrika.

För att komma till rätta med problemet behövs, enligt Sara Mohammad, en kartläggning i kommuner, på regional-, nationell- och internationell nivå. Och att det krävs en samverkan mellan bland annat skola, socialtjänst, polis, UD och ambassader för att hämta hem de aktuella barnen.

Savage USA-Syria policy self-proclaims, "USA is not an illegal aggressor" !!

U.S. Invades Syria, And Warns Russia

By Eric Zuesse -23/08/2016

On Monday, August 22nd, the United States government — which demands the overthrow of the internationally-recognized-as-legal government of Syria — officially announced that America’s military forces in Syria will continue to occupy Syrian land, no matter what the Syrian government says, and will shoot down any Syrian planes that fly over U.S. forces there and that attack them.

As reported on Monday by Al-Masdar News:

The Pentagon has announced that the USA is ready to down Syrian and Russian planes that they claim threaten American advisers who by international law are illegally operating in northern Syria.

This means that the U.S. government will not allow the Syrian government to expel or otherwise eliminate U.S. forces in Syria. The Syrian government never invited U.S. forces into Syria, but the U.S. now officially dares the Syrian government to assert its sovereignty over the areas where America’s troops are located.

This means that the U.S. not only is at war against the legitimate government of Syria, but that the U.S. government will also be at war against Russia if Russian forces (which the Syrian government did invite into Syria) defends Syrian forces from attacks in Syria by U.S. forces — forces that are illegally there.

The vast majority of the illegal military forces in Syria are jihadists who had been hired by the Saudi government and the Qatari government, and supplied with U.S. weapons, to overthrow the Syrian government. Most of the other illegal forces in Syria are Kurdish forces, supported by the U.S. government to break Syria apart so as to create a separate Kurdish state in the majority-Kurdish far north-eastern tip of Syria.

The primary U.S. goal in Syria is to overthrow the Syrian government, which is led by the Baath Party, Syria’s secular Party. Many Arabs insist upon Sharia, or Islamic law, but Syria’s Arabs are an exception; the Baath Party is and has always been supported by the majority of the Syrian people, including by most of Syria’s Arabs. Most Syrians are strongly opposed to Sharia law. Syria is the most secular nation in the Middle East.

Very few people in Syria support the U.S. forces there. Not only is the USA an invader, but it made life far worse (and far shorter) for virtually all Syria - especially the forces that the U.S. supports in Syria — most especially the jihadists, who are the vast majority of these forces.

The Syrian government, from now on, is in the uncomfortable position of having invaders on its territory, and of being warned that one of them — the U.S. — will be fully at war against Syria if Syria tries to expel them.

Russia too is now under warning from the United States, that, if Russia, an ally of Syria, takes any action to expel or kill any of the U.S. invaders in Syria, then the U.S. will also be at war against Russia.

Full story here:

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PUTIN asks America: "Are you for ISIS, or are you against ISIS?"

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Protecting your women, children and old people is not "racism". Don't be tricked !!

Pissed off Swedish father vents his spleen: Social disintegration in Sweden

Egalitarian Swedes under assassination from mind-controlled Swedish media

Video: Sweden is Under Social Mind Control

Video published on Sep 30, 2015

Paul Joseph Watson talks with The Angry Foreigner about Sweden's extreme liberal culture and how the migrant crisis is destroying the country.

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Evropa Invicta: Lion hearts of "Europe the unconquerable"

Immigrant rape statistics in Sweden up to 2016

Video: Sweden Is Now Rape Capital Of The EU

Published on Oct 1, 2015

Forty years after the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the formerly homogenous Sweden into a multicultural country, violent crime has increased by 300% and rapes by 1,472%. Sweden is now number two on the list of rape countries, surpassed only by Lesotho in Southern Africa. In an astounding number of cases, the Swedish courts have demonstrated sympathy for the rapists, and have acquitted suspects who have claimed that the girl wanted to have sex with six, seven or eight men.


Video published on Jan 21, 2016

00:00 - What the statistics say
08:16 - Rape in relation to culture
12:53 - What can be done about this

A Finnish study in 2014 found that immigrants of MENA and sub-Saharan African origins are over-reperesented in rape statistics by factor of 12.90 and 12.19 respectively compared to native Finns. Meaning the overrepresentation is 4.4. This is after the numbers had been compensated for age and socio-economic status:

English summary:

In total, 27% of rapes were commited by immigrants and the number of immigrants in Finland at the time was 4% of the population.

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Evropa Invicta: Lion hearts of "Europe the unconquerable"