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The truth about Hillary Clinton destroying Middle East nations

Media lies! lies! lies!  Hillary Clinton lies! lies! lies !!!

Only accept eye witness testimony.


Hillary and the True Beast She Is.

Published on Aug 2, 2015
Larry Nichols tells of his first meeting with Hillary Clinton.
Included in the video is a list of the dozens of people killed within the Clinton's circle of friends and associates.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Andrew D. Basiago running for U.S. president 2016

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Andrew D. Basiago:

I am running to become America's truth president, to undertake a broad program of reform, and to foster the innovation that is needed for America to thrive in the 21st century.

Interview by — Dmitry Belyaev, Metro World News
Published May 25, 2016

What are the main points of your political agenda?

– I have set out my political agenda in my “100 Proposals,” which have been called “awesome,” “brilliant,” “genius-in-print,” “mind blowing,” “unrivaled,” and “a life experience to read.” In them, I propose establishing a permanent truth process in the US government; repealing the repressive legislation of the post-9/11 era, including the Patriot Act and the NDAA (The National Defense Authorization Act); and our chief technical goal is to achieve global public teleportation.

You have vowed that if elected President, you will lead the American people into a "bold, new era of Truth, Reform, and Innovation as great as they are great.” These are very strong words, so how would you approach gun ownership and improve race relations in a divided country?

– There is a mass shooting every day in this country. Invariably, the perpetrator has a history of criminal violence or mental illness or both. I would create a national database of the criminally violent and the mentally ill. Gun ownership would be denied to those listed in the database. As for race relations, I would assemble a government that embodies the diversity of the American people.

In your opinion, what is the truth about Donald Trump? Is he a racist or is he actually the standard-bearer for a new America?

– I don't think Trump is a racist. I think he is demagoguing the fact that the wave of immigration since 1965 has overwhelmed the American people, especially in job creation, education, healthcare, and transportation. Americans feel pressured by migrants. For this reason, I am calling for a temporary, across-the-board moratorium on immigration.

In your opinion, what’s the truth behind Hillary Clinton’s email scandal?

– Honestly, I haven't followed it. I view it as ‘just politics.’ Instead, I have been focusing on what is needed at this critical juncture in our nation's history, which is visionary government. 

Why are neither of the other candidates fit to run the country?

– Trump is a toxic egotist with an active-negative personality. He will never be able to escape the fact that he is a billionaire running at the end of a bankster era who has spent his entire adult life trying to become more rich. Clinton is a pathological liar and manipulative opportunist. It should now be obvious to all that she is involved in politics simply to enrich herself and not to benefit the country.

In the past, you’ve spoken about your time travel experiences. Could you describe exactly what you have seen?

– During my childhood experiences in Project Pegasus, I took part in time travel probes to the future that revealed to me that I am a future president. I also attended luncheons held in Albuquerque, N.M. in which George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and in a separate luncheon, Bill Clinton, were being feted by Project Pegasus shortly after they were apprised of their destinies. Then, during my experiences in the Mars jump room program, it was revealed to Barack Obama and I that we would be future Presidents. Unlike Bush, Clinton, and Obama, I have revealed to American people that time travel technology has been used for decades to identify future Presidents.

How could this be possible?

– Project Pegasus developed eight modalities of time travel by 1970. These technologies have allowed DARPA [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. – Ed.] to either send somebody to a past or future event or model a hologram of a past or future event. The two modalities in which my presidential destiny was foreseen by me were the Montauk chair and the chronovisor.

What are these things?

– The Montauk chair is a magnetic transducer that boosts human psychic performance, so that the chrononaut pre-experiences a moment in his subjective future. The chronovisor is an electro-optical device that creates a hologram so dense that it has a lensing effect whereby a past or future event is brought into the laboratory. Undoubtedly, the CIA findings, which were shared with me in 1980 and 2000, confirming that I am a future president was also based on sending U.S. chrononauts to the future.

How will your knowledge of the past and future help you in running the country?

– Primarily by understanding the trajectory that applied science will take in the 21st Century. Imagine living in a world in which one can jump through Grand Central Teleport in New York City, travel through a tunnel in time-space, and emerge several seconds later at Union Teleport in Los Angeles. During my Presidency, such a world will emerge. Humanity will be linked by teleportation around the globe.

So, are you going to develop time travel technology for Americans to use on a daily basis?

– What I have vowed to do as President is declassify and deploy the Tesla teleportation technology that was developed by Project Pegasus when I was serving on it in the 1970s. It will be introduced for real-time transport. After implementing Tesla teleportation between major American cities, we will then link our teleports to major world cities. I am not advocating that the public become involved in time travel. Mass people being involved in mass time travel on mass time lines would lead to mass chaos.

What’s the most crucial thing the U.S. has to do now?

– We must take emergency measures to retrofit the US electrical grid from an electro-magnetic pulse event. If this event were to occur from a natural cause or an act of war or terrorism, we would be thrust back to a 1776 level of existence in the blink of an eye. It would take us four to five years to recover. In my view, the $2 billion that it would cost to prevent such a catastrophic event would be money well spent. By comparison, we spent $2 trillion fighting the Iraq war.

Do you realistically think you can win or is your candidacy to show that the American political system is broken?

– Yes, I think I can win. The election is six months away. Jesse Ventura has vowed to wage an independent candidacy if Sanders is denied the Democratic nomination. If this happens, then watch what will follow. The focus will shift to independent candidates like Ventura and I. 

If you were to become POTUS, what would your first three steps be?

– First, I would convene a joint session of Congress and urge Congress to allocate $2 billion to retrofit the US electrical grid from an EMP event. It is a matter of utmost national urgency that we do so.

Second, I would contact Russian President Vladimir Putin and propose that in exchange for Russia being admitted to NATO, the US would join with it in developing the non-Russian republics. Rather than fighting a proxy war against Russia, we should be pursuing constructive engagement with it.

Third, I would ban chemtrail spraying by US agencies and ask other world governments to do so, too. Dr. Teller's plan to stem global warming by spraying oxides of aluminum and barium into the troposphere has been an abject failure. It has led to widespread respiratory distress. Instead, I would use my authority as president to release the hidden advanced technologies, including new energy sources, around which we can both craft a response to climate change and achieve energy independence.

When I do these things, the American people will see that they have a president in the White House who puts their interests first. 

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Brexit commentary by Benjamin Fulford. June 27, 2016


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Very good article... which is why I share it in full.
Thanks Ben, and thanks 'Transformier'.

B. FULFORD, 27. JUNE 2016 – 

The real reason for the ongoing trouble in the European Union, including the recent vote by the British people to leave the bloc, is that the EU is bankrupt. We know in retrospect that the bankruptcy of the Soviet Union was the real reason the Warsaw pact fell apart, with Poland acting as the first domino. For the same reason, we can predict England was the first domino in the collapse of the European Union.

The emerging consensus view is, as Pentagon analysts put it, “Brexit may lead to Frexit (French exit), the collapse of banks, populism, nationalism and anti-globalism.” This is also likely lead to an end to Khazarian mafia sponsored Mulsim immigration.

The situation in France has already become so chaotic that French police say they are becoming too exhausted to deal with the daily, violent demonstrations taking place throughout the country. French President Francois Hollande, who has only 11% public support, is trying to ban demonstrations but it is hard to see who will enforce his “ban.” In other words, France is headed for revolution.
“This is the worst period I recall, there is nothing like it,” is how former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan described the general situation and the market chaos that followed the Brexit vote.

This may be the worst period Greenspan and his Rockefeller, Bush sponsors can recall but the Rothschilds are saying they made $2.5 trillion in one day on Friday by shorting all the stock markets and going long gold. This is their biggest bonanza since their insider trading on Waterloo. As the Rothschilds say, “the best time to make money is when blood is running on the streets.”

Indeed blood may well start running. Even top CIA experts are publicly saying a revolution is imminent in Europe and the United States.

However, if properly handled, this situation will be a good thing for the US, Europe and the rest of the world. If improperly handled, it will lead to chaos,warfare and hardship within Europe, the US and Japan and thus, to a lesser extent, in the rest of the world.

The EU that has gone bankrupt had become even more dictatorial than the Soviet Union ever was, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In Putin’s own words: “The percentage of mandatory decisions made by the European Parliament is larger than that of mandatory decisions made by the High Council of the USSR concerning its member-republics.”

Sources in the gnostic illuminati and the White Dragon Society say that if things are properly handled what is eventually going to happen is the European nations will form a larger, looser, freer union that will include Russia. In this scenario Britain will be a neutral country linked to Europe by free trade, somewhat like Switzerland, they say.

The bankruptcy of the EU was triggered by the bankruptcy of Deutschebank, the largest bank in Europe, according to members of the Rothschild banking dynasty. Deutschebank is now under Chinese control, they say. If the Chinese had not stepped in to save Deutschebank, its collapse would have triggered a domino effect that would have taken down the entire European and then Western banking systems, multiple sources agree.

There was also a secret dimension to this bankruptcy that can be traced to military activity in the Pacific Ocean. A massive joint Chinese and American fleet was engaged in “maneuvers” last week off the shores of the Philippines.

You can also confirm on the Pentagon official homepage that massive joint exercises involving naval forces from 27 nations, including China and the US, start near Hawaii on June 30th.

The real aim of last week’s maneuvers, according to WDS sources, was to cut off gold smuggling by submarines out of the Khazarian mafia submarine base in Nabire, Indonesia.

The result of this maneuver is that the Freeport McMoRan gold mine located near the submarine base has suddenly been put up for sale for the price of $20 billion, according to CIA sources based in Indonesia. Members of the board of directors of Freeport McMorRan have included such characters as Henry Kissinger and Godfrey Stillman Rockefeller.

The CIA sources say the Freeport McMoRan mine is being offered to the Chinese via a front company out of Australia. This is how Indonesia hopes to pay off $20-30 billion that was advanced to it by the Chinese last year, they say. However, they add, “The US side knows that they are selling a virtually empty hole.”

Meanwhile the previous owners of Freeport “will move to another mountain which is within 5-7 miles from the Grasberg mine, which is Freeport’s current mining area. Someone is getting the shaft in this deal… No pun intended.” The source said he thought the massive joint naval exercise was “just a cover.”

The Chinese need to remember that “Kissinger has been a 50% owner of Freeport since the reign of Suharto, when he was given the shares in exchange for other services and profitable joint ventures between Suharto and the Kissinger Boys…; the Cabal [Khazarian mafia].”

The source adds one reason the mine was given to Kissinger, the Rockefellers etc. was as payment for allowing Indonesian President Suharto to invade and annex East Timor in 1975.

Since it is a good bet the mine has been cleaned out of most its gold, what this really means is that the Khazarian mafia no longer has enough gold to finance EU and US trade deficits with Asia and the rest of the world. The Asians do not accept empty promises printed on paper and, as the Asian bar girls say “No money (gold), no honey.”

Rothschild family sources say there is now serious infighting at the top levels of the Khazarian mafia over what to do next. They say family meetings are going on and they have asked the WDS and its allies to wait until July. They have been given a deadline of July 10th after which the Khazarian mafia will lose any chance of participating in setting up a new, fairer and more earth friendly financial system. They will also be subject to a total and absolute boycott that will inevitably drive them into bankruptcy and obscurity.

Pentagon intelligence is confirming that the faction of the Khazarian mafia once headed by George Bush Sr. has split with former Bush top mobsters Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney seeking protection from Donald Trump while Brent Scowcroft, Hank Paulson and Richard Armitage are seeking protection from Hillary Clinton.

However, neither of these candidates is likely to be in a position to protect these criminals for very long. Sources close to Trump say he might go along with Cheney and Rumsfeld for now but only as a temporary measure.

Sources in the FBI, meanwhile are saying that, if necessary, they will take down Barack Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch in order to get to Hillary Clinton.

The Pentagon sources also say the “Jewish Mafia” (=Khazarian Mafia) “are in panic mode on both sides of Atlantic after their Orlando false flag failed as Senate blocks four gun control measures on June 20th, the Senate denied FBI access to web browsing/e-mails without a warrant on June 22nd, and the Supreme Court killed Obama’s immigration plan.”

Clearly a lot of countries are waking up to the fact there has been a change at the top of the world power structure. One indication, for example, is that Israel, Egypt and Syria have applied to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. That means Israel is applying to join a military alliance that its one time “arch-enemy” Iran is also joining. It is also an organization that is theoretically opposed to their long term supposed allies and protectors the US and NATO.

Poland and other countries in Eastern Europe have also shown they understand things are different now because they have agreed to join China’s new “Belt and Road Initiative,” meaning the building of major transportation links heading east through Russia to China.

Building links east makes sense for Poland because they can see the EU is losing control. CIA sources in Europe say the European Central Bank has been issuing large of amounts of forged Euros, meaning they have no real collateral to back them.

Pentagon sources agree, saying the “Euro may be replaced by national currencies as yuan is gold-backed and new US dollars have been printed waiting for public announcement of a global currency resent and the release of hundreds of trillions in stolen funds.”

This global currency reset, though, is not going to include such things as Zimbabwe dollars fraudulently sold to suckers by members of the Bush/Clinton mafia. However, allowance may be made to members of the US military who invested in Iraqi Dinar, but not if doing so benefits the Bush/Clinton mafia, WDS sources say.

In closing, the Japanese underground has also gotten the message and serious preparations are being made for regime change here. Even Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda has admitted that “Abenomics” has failed and that Japan needs to take a new tack. Rothchild family sources asked what was going to happen to their Japan handler Michael Greenberg and were told “he is going to go to jail.” Richard Armitage can go face his ghosts in the US, while Kenneth Courtis will probably be left alone.

- Benjamin Fulford

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Brexit - What are the people saying? Vox pop.


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The Shift has begun... Brexit LEAVES !!!

"The shift" is happening very fast now. More countries leaving the EU.

These comments are mirrored from the Express

1 day ago - 24th June

We'll now see Cameron's lies exposed. The EU will be desperate to keep trading with us.
MeeeeIt does look that way. USA, Canada, and Australia (in another article) are asking to special trade with us. Lets hope this gets done fast, so we don't lose anything and we can get our freedom back on track. What worries me is that Cameron wants to stay on for a while. He has no interest in making us look good, and I don't trust him to. Basically he probably just want a home for a few months while he gets rid of his tennants. Otherwise he wuld officially be homeless and looking for a place to rent. Not a good idea in London, looking to rent.

germany would be VERY wise to be next to gexit...! or their bill will be enormous for ever...!
kevinshwThe fact Germany needs to be in a weak Euro. If Germany was to return to a DM there would be a 20% increase in goods. German exports would take a big hit and the reason why the 20 billion to the EU budget is still good sense. However Merkel´s time is limited and others may be at risk. But of cause we have our own problems.

Democracy won in the UK.
EU is a failure and a dictatorship

ivorfewthingstosayGerman government officials want an associate membership? I voted OUT, nothing less

German governments do not 'make' the UK. The U.K. Makes itself. German supremacy is history. They are now only a chief payer to a failing regime. Keep it up Germany

It was always a 'House of Cards' and it's about time reality sets in! We are about to free ourselves of this corrupt and Self Destruct Club,

The EU is an undemocratic organisation and has condemned a generation of young people in southern Europe to 55% unemployment - it is rule by a lot of anonymous, unelected Eurocrats. We elected our government to govern us and not to be governed by the EU.- if we don't want our government we will elect others - this CANNOT happen with the EU!!!  ...We wnated our country back - and we have got it . Rule Britannia britons never shall be slaves. Despite the fact that \Germany keeps on singing "Deutschland Uber Alles - Germany over everbody else.We wnated our country back - and we have got it . Rule Britannia britons never shall be slaves. Despite the fact that Germany keeps on singing "Deutschland Uber Alles - Germany over everbody else.

I live in Germany. Merkel is a vile traitor par excellance. She wants to FLOOD Germany & Europe with untold millions of Muslims !! Many in Germany believe she wants to create a European Caliphate. I believe she is a plant for Saudi Arabia & Turkey. Never, never trust this evil woman!! They want to build huge mosques all over Germany. Please wake up !!!

I listened to her speech in German on livestream. Towards the end around 4:15 onwards she got to the real meat of her speech. She said it will take many years for the UK to disentangle itself from the EU. Believe me, Merkel is a monster of a woman & is very much a dictator. The first 4 minutes she mentioned Globalization twice mentioning the special role of Germany & the EU in keeping things peaceful and stable. She was making coded references to the N W O.

This woman is a liar & has destroyed our country. She is the biggest traitor of all time for most Germans. She is despised !! Never forget what she did last year by inviting all the Muslim world to come to Germany. All were welcomed !! 2 million were escorted into Germany last year alone. She also has done secret deals with Erdogan like giving visas to 80 million Turks + other nasty things. She did not even once mention refugees in today's speech !! She is the epitome of evil !!

Greece has never balanced a budget in 128 years; Greece has presented false government accounts every year since 1978 to the Common Market; Greek prime ministers and finance ministers are criminals and should go to jail. 

D. Thomas
Leave the EU. Save yourselves while you still can. The longer you wait to decide, the worse your country will become.

Bonnie Smith A wonderful day for mankind and freedom over satanic tyranny!
writersaliveThe Schengen Agreement--forged in sorcery and finally torn apart by God's signs of the times. Maranatha. 
BellelattedahThe EU was a horrible idea that should die a quick death. Giving up their sovereignty and having open borders has endangered all of Europe.

Well done U.K. It takes a lot of courage and conviction to cast a vote that you KNOW will mean a season of economic pain. Britain just became great again.
AugustusGuptaOne Billion Pounds per month saved - how will that cause economic pain? Except to those in the EU. 

Angela, I think what the UK was trying to tell you is that, once again, Europeans are getting sick and tired of Germany trying to run the whole continent. They didn't want it 70 years ago and they certainly don't want it now. Oh, and have fun with the "refugee" problem you created.

Merkel like Obama came in with so much promise and left with so much destruction....
And all those poor people that worked on that Flag, they must be so disappointed.

Germany should follow its cousin Austria and get out NOW.

bonfireOnce again Germany is rejected. The People want their sovereignty and culture. That is the natural order . . . F***k the New World Order/Globalist/One World Gov/One World Religion c***p! The Lion of Europa is tearing the EU apart.

The heads of the EU talk tough about punishing Britain by denying them access to markets... but that's kind of hard to do when other countries begin leaving the Bloc to do business with Britain, isn't it?

Germany blinks! The day after the vote and already Germany is trying to maintain special ties to the UK. It's a much better bargaining position than if they had voted to remain, in which case Europe would be looking for every possible way to take advantage of them. You don't get much in life by knuckling under. Freedom and courage is the way to go.

Is this the end of German hegemony in Europe under Merkel, et al?
ThanksToLeaveI forsee a new EU...... Germany with Turkey and France perhaps. All others out. Merkel would be a happy bunny
Good to see the UK leaving the EU. Great that they still want to be a free and directing the NATION on their terms, not that of Brussels.

For each country that gets out, the tab gets higher for those who remain. Germans have already been paying too much for slacker countries like Greece, now lets see how they tolerate the prospect of a 2.5 billion increase in pulling the weight of under achievers.

Had Merkel not been so insistent on wildly unpopular immigration, she could have held the EU together. But like most elites, she is possessed of consummate arrogance.
hitleryforprison2016Like most manchurian candidates she possesses much disdain and hatred for her own country. That is why people like her, obama and hillary do what they do.

the only thing that has held the euro together is britain ad germany as they have the biggest economies and the money in the bank! since the dawn of this centralized government fiasco they have been bailing out these other countries while being ordered by brussels to do this or that!! what caused this iis unfettered open borders and these un- vetted refugees obama and hillary caused during there inane arab spring that is still being fought today after they just shrugged their shoulders and moved to the golf course! instead of globalization and a one world government run with a centralized government people do not want that, nationalism is the new trend!
American DreamerLong Live The Free People!

Germany needs to leave now! The square heads and the rest of Europe needs to follow the lead of Hungary else they become Eurabia.

American Dreamer
Jolly Good Show, Brits! May Many More Join You!

It would be devastating to the EU should France pull out. Germany, the U.K. and France are the hedge that sustain the union. I do not believe that big government can be sustained long term so a change now is better than a change later, but it would be an interesting world event if more countries pull out.
Major CoxtiffFrance has two massive problems to deal with. It has a large public sector where workers are allowed to doddle about for 36 hours a week then retire in middle age with pensions almost as large as their salaries and this is unsustainable. They also have a private sector where growth is stagnant and there is huge unrest at the prospect of changes in labour laws which have spilled out onto the sreets frequently lately. The labour unions are very belligerant and the farmers in particular have been heavily subsudised for years by the Common Agriculture policy and will no doubt continue to protest and bring France to a standstill if these subsidies are reduced. They refuse point blank to have the slave labour conditions imposed on us by the EU but something has to give. If Le Pen gets in because of this a Frexit is likely.
Also, much respect to the voters in the U.K. who took a stand to leave the EU. 

Thanks, Brits! I loaded up the truck with gold in anticipation!

God bless the people of Britannia for having the courage to take the reins again.
janbeeThank you. It feels great to be 100% British again. I couldn't stop grinning all day yesterday. I looked like I had a coat hanger in my mouth. 
By graceIt is God who overruled and undertook in this situation, as He is sovereign.
He lifts up and pulls down, according to His will, and man cannot stay His hand.

Is it Czechout time in Prague?

As an American, I truly admire the British people. We already know that they are tough. They dealt with an incredible assault by the Nazis in WW II, but refused to knuckle under. In the end, they prevailed. But they've also proven yesterday (as they have many times before) that they are also smart and sensible. They know when to say "Enough is enough", in this case by the onslaught of refuges. The British put their own sovereignty above political correctness, and I commend them for having the fortitude and good sense to do so. I hope and pray America learns from out best ally's example, and does the same this fall by electing Donald Trump. My guess is we will do so.

23 hours ago

James2112Britain leaving the E.U. is so much bigger than most people could have imagined. This was as much a repudiation of the far left European elitist as it was the United Nations, which has been the driving force behind the mass influx of middle easterners into E.U. countries and the implications will likely be a factor in the U.S. during our own elections.

You may have noticed the poor old woman didn't mention Germany ! Yet, they are more sceptical of the EU than Greece is. I'm thinking that Germany could be out, even before Holland.
janbeeThe Germans are not allowed a referendum on the eu. . Democracy eh? Their only way is to get rid of Meks and her party and get in the AFD. 
cdbnow that would be possible very soon, even before 2017. 
janbeeYes, I certainly hope so.

Well done Merkel. Everyone is sick of your uncontrolled invasion of muslims. They know that they are NOT real refugees. They are sick of them and they are sick of you. Time for you to follow Cameron out the door in disgrace.

nathanwhitworthThis is what happens when politicians think they are all important and don't listen to the people that elected them in the first place . Merkel being the worst out the lot and now your going to reap what you sow . I read in the news that the EU and politicians are shocked the Britain left the EU , I'm not and I bet if you asked most working class Europeans they probably are not shocked . In fact my bet is this is the end of the EU , long live democracy .

It is far from just the English who are fed up.
MikeHopefully the Western World, as we used to know it, will now start waking up, and throw out the establishment. That's why Cameron is pretending to be 'noble', he's trying to retain the statue quo. Time the whole damned applecart was overturned, and the people who are indigenous to Britain had a real say. The referendum went with the wishes of proportional representation, why shouldn't a General Election? UKIP needs a jump start, and won't get it with first past the post, and a GE in 2020!

Brits are tired of the EU elitist over regulation and meddling in their daily lives. American politicos should take a lesson.
LivingwaterFreelygivenI didn't think the hobbits had it in them to reclaim their Shire. I'm happily surprised. And you're right, of course. Now it's time to get Trump in the Oval Office and turn this thing around while there's still time. We haven't collapsed yet but under Hillary we will.
I an very proud to be British again

The people have spoken! Canadians salute you.
CazThank you, Thomas.
I guess they can take the one world order and shove it up their butt.
Probably 5 but possibly even 7.. Can;t wait for the domino effect to kick in.

And don't forget Denmark and Sweden.
ThanksToLeaveHopefully they will have the sense to push for leave now. I would love to see the political EU die and wither.

Airborne Ally
They only have themselves to blame , the political elite over the last 40 years have taken us further down the German dream of a one nation state of Europe and told lie after lie to achieve this goal, The majority of the public have seen through these lies and have had enough , I thank God this vote came now before it was to late and we took down our Union flag forever on the orders of the EU and put that Blue one up in it's place . Well done the UK we won the modern day Battle of Britain !
ThanksToLeaveExactly what I have been saying for a long time. Some of them still cannot see it, they argue already for more integration, more Europe. Some people are incapable of seeing the obvious even when it is right in front of their nose.
MikeIt was actually the Germans and the French walking in step. Only in recent times have the French fallen out of step. They never realised that the Euro fitted the German economy like a glove, but was ill fitted for France's Agro-economy, and socialist eutopian working conditions. Both, very stupidly totally misread Britain, all over again. Now for the consequences!

60 million people where killed in the last war alone for us to have Freedom to have a Life and to set our own Laws, the EU had taken that right away. Thats why it was Out for me.

"The shift" is happening very fast now. More countries leaving the EU.

The illusion-masters can't stop the people waking up now.

Please see this link...

Black Magic - Humanity's PERCEPTION is covered over by a "net" or VEIL !!

ImageFreemasons' Hall in London. This is the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England and a meeting place for the Masonic Lodges in the London area. It strikes me how this net drapes over the earth in the same way the wig drapes over the head of the English court judge. Is that part of the hidden symbolism?

     Image                                                                                          Image

     - Ahhh yes. It goes all the way back to Egypt... Wolves dressed in sheep's clothing !!

FIVE European countries may seek to follow Britain’s lead in leaving the EU in a Brexit domino effect, Germany has warned.


German chancellor Angela Merkel

        There is no point beating about the bush: today is a watershed for Europe
         German Chancellor Angela Merkel

France, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland and Hungary could leave.

While for the past two months a Nexit has been on the cards after Dutch voters overwhelmingly rejected a Ukraine-European Union treaty
s country faces having to pay an extra £2.44billion a year to the annual EU budget once Britain has left.
Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, warned that Europe needs to change its ways.
“Brussels must hear the voice of the people, this is the biggest lesson from this decision," he told public radio.
“But Europe is strong only if it can give answers to major issues such as immigration that would strengthen Europe itself and not weaken it. The EU failed to give these answers."
Another critic of the EU, the leader of Poland's ruling party, said that the UK referendum result shows the need for reform of the EU.
“The conclusion is obvious. We need a new European treaty," said Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who heads the Law and Justice party.
“We need a positive reaction, and not persistent movement in the same direction, a direction which has led to crisis," he added.

Tensions are rising across the EU, with Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Sweden all facing demands for referendums over Europe.
In a statement, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: "There is no point beating about the bush: today is a watershed for Europe, it is a watershed for the European unification process."
The Brexit vote is expected to encourage populist parties in Europe to seek similar referendums for their nations. 
Foreign ministers of the founding EU states are meeting in Berlin today to try to revive the shattered confidence in the European Union.
The German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier, said: “We cannot rush into hectic activity, pretending we have all the answers, but after the British decision we also cannot fall into depression and inactivity.”
Please see the whole article here >>

european union

The total disintegration of the EU: Sweden 

will abandon the EU after Britain

Reformers in Sweden are aghast at the prospect of Brexit, seeing Britain as their main ally in trying to fight off protectionism. A recent study found an 89% alignment of our interests, 88% with the Dutch and Danes.
But as many in Britain come to conclude that this fight is lost, and we’re better off out, many Swedes are coming to the same conclusion.
And, of course, a Sweden that has suffered more than most from the EU’s failure to respond to recent demographic challenges: it has ended up with more asylum seekers, per capita, than any country on earth.

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Friday, 24 June 2016

The Shift has begun... Brexit LEAVES !!!

'EU is failing, EU is dying': Nigel Farage speech following Brexit vote

Published on Jun 23, 2016

The leader of the Independence Party (UKIP), Nigel Farage, has called for June 23 to go down in history as 'Independence Day', adding that it's a “victory for ordinary, decent people, a victory against the big merchant banks.”


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Blog author:

Farage is spot-on. This has been a war. He gets the significance of what the Brexiters have achieved! He even wants to declare a nation-wide bank holiday on June 23 every year, called "Independence Day". That's right. This has been a war without blood, to get the UK free of the EU-Zionist-Rothschild et al, octopus tentacles.

I love that Farage can see that more nations will likely leave the EU very soon - the Netherlands (Nexit), Denmark (Dexit), and he said also 'Sweden, Greece and Italy'. Note: Farage didn't continue with his -exit suffixes at that point, because of course, that would make it "Sexit" ... and i'm not sure if Sweden would appreciate that !! Maybe the Swedes will have to "Swexit"

I like too that Farage makes a reference to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" during his speech. The importance of what has happened is not at all lost of Farage *mental images of the huge wall coming down in the spectacle of the Pink Floyd production of 1980*

What Pink Floyd said in 1980 "We don't need no 'education', we don't need no thought control..." has finally been manifest. The people have said "No more!"


I'd suggest the heart of the dragon has been pierced through. After all, the financial capital of the world is, the one square mile City of London. The dragons of that City have just been deposed. The people have now woken up !! Omg... I never realized before that the "dragon" of the City has balls !!! Oh well... Those "crown jewels" have just been cut off today. The illuminati Pindar (the "Devil's Penis") has now been removed! Note: "Pindar" is the name of the illuminati head honcho.


The tentacles are being chopped off one by one. It is inevitable!


Humanity is no longer pandering to this great Beast... with all the filth it spews out of its mouth via MSM, movies, music, news propaganda... We bow no more !!!

The Veil has lifted... high enough that even 17,000,000 people can SEE !!

The masonic illuminati agenda crumbles in front of the instigator's eyes... like broken bricks crumbling through their fingers. Nothing will be left of their wicked devices.

Those who were so haughty and arrogant in 2012, so much so that they flaunted their 'disguises' publicly, are now being brought low...

We see you. We see you. We see you.
You are no longer hidden, but are exposed for all to see.

Your days of child trafficking and murdering innocent millions in the Middle East have ended. 
You have just lost the war!

Humanity now gathers back her energies to herself... and sends a wave of renewal and healing out over all the waters and into the far reaches....

Our 'bright day' has come. The war is over.
This is the day of The Reckoning.

All of your devices are rapidly falling away...

The war is over. Everything else now falls like dominos.

The Beast has a wound that will not heal...

Image - "Got him... right in the testicles."

Yoiks! That's gotta hurt !!

The description on this image actually says "the village idiot kills the dragon", and frankly, I think that's a very good description of what happened over Brexit. The "Common Man" has succeeded where Kings, Queens and politicians have failed !!  The People have achieved what others have been gutless to do.  It is over !!  All power to the people.

The final word goes to Farage...

Nigel Farage: He has foreseen everything, but everyone ignored...

Uploaded on Jan 31, 2012

This man spoke out loud in front of the Eurpean Parliament several times what will happen in the eurozone, but almost everybody ignored his argumentation or was laughing out loud... hey, look what happened! Cool....